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At times in fast-paced Singapore, you may find that your profession comes with such a tight schedule that you have no time to clean and organize your home. Due to this and other constraints, you may keep your home in a total mess with toys scattered all over the place, bins heaped with rubbish, dusty windows, and food spills on the floor just to mention a few. In that case, the part-time maid agencies in Singapore come in handy as they can assist with all your cleaning needs and leave your home sparkling.

Instances in which you would hire a part time maid to clean your home include but are not limited to:

• When your budget cannot sustain a full-time cleaner.

• When you have a full-time job with long working hours that leave you with no time for cleaning.

• When you don't find housekeeping chores enjoyable.

• When it proves inefficient to hire a full-time cleaner due to the little amount of work in your home. (For example in an instance where there are no children or pets in the home, meaning you don't need much help)

• Under special circumstances such as when you are preparing to host an event, for example, a dinner or a birthday party.

• In a case where the services and efficiency of a current or past full-time cleaner are not up to your satisfactory.

• When moving into a new home or planning to move out of your current home.

• When your physical ability to keep the house clean is limited. For example if you are ill, elderly, or pregnant (for the ladies)

• When you want to avoid legal obligations and background checks involved in hiring a full-time cleaner

• When the sleeping arrangements in your home are inconvenient for a full-time cleaner.

What are the benefits of hiring part-time maid cleaning services?

1. Helps you save time and energy

These days, time is for most people is a precious commodity. With a tight schedule, you may not be able to maintain a regular cleaning routine. A part time cleaner will do most of the housework for you, and you can save your energy for other activities. It leaves you with enough time for self-improvement, or to spend with friends and family members. You also get time to engage in leisure activities

2. Makes your home a conducive and comfortable place to stay.

In a dirty home, all the surfaces are probably full of germs and bacteria that can cause illnesses for you and your family members. It also poses other health risks. A slippery floor, for example, increases your chances of sprains and other injuries. We all want a healthy environment around our home for the sake of our safety and that of our loved ones. Hiring part time maid cleaning services from the agency will help you achieve this goal by making sure your home is clean always. It leaves your home with a fresh look and clean air to breath, thus reducing the risk of respiratory diseases.

3. Your privacy is assured.

As compared to a full-time cleaner, a part time cleaner guarantees you more privacy when it comes to family matters. The cleaner will not be living in your home and will only come now and then when you require their services, and for just a few hours. With that, they won’t be there to witness every little thing that happens in your home, a situation that would otherwise make it impossible to maintain privacy.

4. Flexible schedule

You will find part time cleaning services that are customized to suit your needs. There are various packages on offer, and it is up to you to choose one that is in line with your schedule. The packages are designed to your preferences and can be weekly, biweekly, or thrice a week according to what you want. There is also flexibility in terms of budget, which is usually determined by the number of cleaning sessions you require.

5. It is cost-effective

When you have a full-time cleaner, you incur more cost because you have to pay their salary monthly, or any other regular basis you may have agreed on. Since they live in your home, you also have to cater for their upkeep in terms of meals and accommodation. On the contrary, hiring part time cleaners are more affordable and cheaper to maintain. You pay them hourly according to work done, and they don't come with any hidden costs. That will help you cope with the prevailing economic conditions and save that extra coin that is much needed.

6. Helps you relax

Having a part time maid cleaner gives you peace of mind as you don't have to worry constantly about cleaning your home. With that, you can relax and focus on more important things in your busy schedule. You will be in a position to adequately attend to other tasks that require your skill and concentration such as work or studies. Part time cleaners take the hassles of doing house chores off your hands. Going home to a clean house after a long day of work goes a long way towards calming your tired mind.

7. Efficiency

A cleaner from the part time maid cleaning agency will usually be someone with expertise in what they are doing. In most cases, they have even undergone training on the same. With this in mind, you don't have to worry about how the work will be done because they are in control. You only have to provide them with the necessary cleaning products and materials, and let them work their magic on your home.

Ultimately, the benefits of hiring a part time cleaner outweigh the costs by far. It is an excellent way to keep your house spotlessly clean without many hassles. Keeping a clean home reflects well on your personality and boosts your self-image. It is economical and has a role in increasing your productivity. You and your family members live in a healthy environment without having to worry about germs and diseases. That and more make it an investment worth undertaking.
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The Cost Of Part Time Maid in Singapore

With increased responsibilities, most people in Singapore have found themselves without time to do cleaning in their houses. Sometimes in the recent past, many household owners would hire a full time maid but this came with a number of disadvantages. First, they had to house the maid and provide for her meals. Full time maids are also expensive considering that they have to be paid on a monthly basis. Full time maids have also been associated with stealing owner's items. This explains why many people in Singapore are so skeptical when it comes to hiring maids. The good this is that there are professional maids who can be hired on a part time basis.

There are a number of companies that provides trustworthy and outstanding part time maid services. Although there are many such companies, it would be important that you select the best one from the rest. A good company is one with great experience, competitive rates and also one that exhibits a very high level of professionalism. Part Time Maid Singapore is one company that stands way above the rest in all regards. It offers a wide scope of cleaning services which includes cleaning of toilets, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming of floors, ironing and folding of cloths, house cleaning (kitchen and other rooms), cleaning of grills and windows and also wiping of the stove area. It is important to note that the owner of the house will have to provide all the cleaning materials and cleaning products.
Part Time Maid Cost in Singapore
If you are worried about the cost of this service, well you should not be worried because the rates are remarkably low and affordable. The rates charged will be determined by the number of hours taken to carry out the cleaning work, the size of the space to be cleaned and also the number of cleaners that you will hire. Let's look at different cleaning packages;

4 hour once every week will be charged at $388
4 hours twice every week will be charged at $768
4 hours thrice every week will be charged at $1080

During Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, the rates will increase for every session by $20(1 session equals to four cleaning hours)
If cleaning has to be done for more than the four hours session, then the overtime is charged $29.90 per hour.

The company also provides spring cleaning services for AD-HOC, 1 time cleaning, cleaning the house before you move in and also cleaning the house when you are moving out. The charges will be determined by the size of the cleaning space, the number of cleaners hired and also the number of hours in which cleaning is done. The rates are as follows;

1 cleaner, 4 hours, area less than 651 square feet, charges will be S$152
1 cleaner, 5 hours, area 651- 891 square feet, charges will be S$182
2 cleaners, 4 hours, area 891-1200 square feet, charges will be S$267
2 cleaners, 5 hours, area 1200-1400 square feet, charges will be S$317
3 cleaners, 4 hours, area 1400-1800 sq.ft, charges will be S$382
3 cleaners, 5 hours, area 1800-2200 sq.ft., charges will be S$482
3 cleaners, 6 hours, area 2200-2800 sq.ft., charges will be S$582
More than 2800 sq.ft., ask for quotation.

When it comes to cleaning your house, you need to find cleaners who will be able to do it well. With Part time Maid service Singapore, you are assured of 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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Madam Yeo
Tried their one time part time maid service before and i find their local maids are friendly and they certainly know what they are doing. 2 thumbs up.

Our mission is to be the most trustworthy and outstanding Part Time Maid Service company in Singapore. Living up to our mission, we are supported by a team of professionally trained maids that truly understand the needs of our consumers.

The reason why you are viewing our site now is simply because you hope to provide a cleaner and comfortable environment for your loved ones to live in. Due to your hectic lifestyle and busy schedule with work, it is definitely not an easy task to juggle between the both because cleaning is a tedious work that would drain up both your energy and time.

Selecting the right and experienced part time maid company plays an essential part. You wont want to start selecting any other cleaning companies blindly and ending up with more headache and hassle. With our assurance, you and family will definitely experience a cleaner environment with us.

dot Clients needs to provide all cleaning products & cleaning materials
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