What Are The Basic Roles Of A Part Time Maid?

You need to be clear with your part time maid on her roles and limits if your working relationship with her is to last. You need to make it known to her at what time she is expected to work and her exact chores. As an employer, it is always important to be sensitive about her needs. It is therefore important to make adequate arrangements in time before assigning her roles. This will make her complete all her chores within the stipulated time. When assigning her additional requirements, it is important to note that the additional requirements need additional time. When assigning other tasks than those stipulated it was important to pay for the tasks. The following are some the roles that can be performed by the part time maids.

Basic Roles Of Part Time Maid

Cleaning mirrors and windows: A part time maid can help you out with this chore. It involves the use of plain water, glass cleaner, microfiber cloth and squeezer. After cleaning the windows and mirror she may need newspapers to absorb the water. This chore can be performed on a rotational basis as these surfaces don't catch dirt quickly.

Wiping surfaces and dusting of furniture: The part time maid may use a damp cloth, wet wipes or the feather duster to wipe surfaces and dust the furniture. She may also need the leather cleaning chemicals that she will use to wipe the leather furniture.

Cleaning the toilet bowl, basin and bathtub: This cleaning involves applying the bleaching agent to the basin, toilet bowl and bathtub before scrubbing. You can also the multipurpose cleaning agent for the basins and bathtubs. In the event that the basin or the bathtub is not used on a regular basis their cleaning can be done on a rotational basis.

Floor cleaning:
This is one chore that most part time maid will find no problem doing. Different people have different standards to cohere to as far as the cleanliness of the floor is concerned. It is usually recommended to have a vacuum floor cleaning first then followed by a mop. When mopping you can decide whether to use or not use the cleaning agents. For the best results it is important that you use the cleaning agents. From experience, it is advisable to mop the floor with clear water after vacuum cleaning the floor. Depending with the floor surface, different types of chemicals can be used. The water used for mopping used to be changed more than once.

Cleaning fans:
You can also hire a part time maid to dismantle clean your fans. The cleaning of the fans can also be done on a rotational basis. The task involves the dismantling of the fan and thoroughly cleaning it. The cleaning of fans will also require the part time maid to clean the ceilings. He may also lead extra equipment like a step ladder that will him reach the fans and clean them easily. You will need to pay such a maid more than normal because cleaning of the fans requires some level of expertise.
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