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Benefit of Cleaning Services

People tend to spend more time striving for high achievement at work to improve their lifestyle and spending their weekends and free time with their loved ones. Parttime maid is definitely your best solution.

Parttime maid agencies are found all over the website and it is not difficult to find a company to help you, but which company is trustable?

We provide home and office quality services at an affordable price. Our team of parttime maid are either Singaporeans or foreigners with approved work permit. Our parttime maid had undergone training to improve their services to serve our customers better.

Dusty places can lead to many health problems such as flu, asthma attack and allergies. Hiring a professional cleaning company will provide you with 'peace of mind', complete privacy and flexible timing. Our parttime maid is able to clean up your residential or office weekly, depending on the service you prefer. They will ensure that everything is organized and clean before leaving your residential or office.
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A few frequently asked question:

1. Are your helpers insured?

* Rest assure. Our team of parttime maid are assured by insurance; you are not liable for any forms of compensation benefits if anything were to happen in the midst of cleaning.

2. Do you provide cleaning products?
* No, we do not provide cleaning products; clients are required to provide all the cleaning materials and products. We do sell cleaning products at a cost of $80 for the cleaning products and rent a vacuum at $30. A reason why we do not provide cleaning products because some customers may be allergic to certain product. Our main purpose is to serve you better and not to cause any inconvenience to your family.

3. Is there any replacement of maid?
* Yes we do. In any event where you are unsatisfied with the service or the maid quits the assignment. Our company allow you to replace our parttime maid that you are uncomfortable to meet your requirements.

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Choose Reliable PartTime Maid Cleaning Service

Such setting is quite common for household location within very busy and crowded place, such as the houses in Singapore. Not only you will deal with the cramped space and the clutters, you also need to come up with better solution to make your house clean and messy-free in such an efficient way. That's why you can make use of the available cleaning company that will provide the best service with great result as well.
You may be wondering why you should choose a parttime cleaner or cleaner instead of hiring a full time worker. You may be wondering if the full time worker will be more efficient and cost you less money. But you also need to consider some of the important consideration about choosing these kinds of cleaning service, especially when it is related to your living space.

You see, if you live in Singapore, you will likely to live in an apartment because it is cheaper than having your own home. Even if you do have a house, it is likely that your house will be small and compact - with little free space as possible. All the available space and spots will be used to enhance your daily flexibility and needs. It is likely that your house only consists of rooms, kitchen, bathroom, and small living room - if you want to 'force' it out, it is also possible to have a small and tight working space. Due to the limited space, having a full time maid seems to be impossible because where are you going to place them? When you have a full time maid, you need to provide a sleeping quarter, which is impossible for today's home condition.

That's why having the parttime cleaner and cleaner seems to be a great idea because you don't need to provide any space or room for them. Besides the consideration of the tight space and the limited spots, there are also other reasons why the parttime cleaner or maid seems like an ideal choice:

- You can set up the cleaning schedule and time. If you feel like cleaning your place on daily basis is too much, you can set it up on weekly basis or have it about twice a week.

- You can choose whatever types of service available or what spots to clean. If you want your kitchen to be cleaned twice a week but your working space is off the limits, that's fine. The cleaning company should be able to cater to your needs.

- You can decide on your budgets and payment. If you have the maid comes to your house every day, you certainly will have to pay higher than having them come once or twice a week.

Such cleaning services are available for your needs, so be sure that you really make use of it. With the parttime cleaner, you can always expect your house to be spotless and clean without too much hassle.
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Tried their one time parttime cleaner service before and i find their local maids are friendly and they certainly know what they are doing. 2 thumbs up.
I didn't realise that i was using illegal foreigner freelance maids until i read it from the papers. I decided to opt for a safer option and to my surprise, they are so much better than my previous parttime cleaners.

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