Why You Should Never Hired Freelance PartTime Cleaner

For most people living in Singapore, hiring a parttime maid can be very tempting. This is because most people love their privacy and when you hire a parttime maid you do not have to cater for their other expenses. However hiring a parttime maid may be a very big mistake and you should avoid the temptation of hiring one since it may lead to problems. There are a couple of reasons why you should never hire a freelance or a parttime maid and they include:

Why You Should Never Hire Freelance Part Time Maid

1. The lack of trust
parttime maids come to your house a couple of times a week and perform the duties that you have given them. In very many cases people do not trust the maids that have been assigned to them and you will most likely be present as they perform their duties. In some cases the parttime maid may come at a time when you want to go somewhere else. In this case you may have to cancel your appointment or trust the maid and leave the maid to perform her duties. In both cases you will be stressed, leaving a stranger that you do not really trust at home will bother most people and cancelling your plans so that you can supervise the maid will also inconvenience you.

2. It Is Illegal In Singapore
In Singapore it is illegal to hire freelance maids and there are laws which have been formulated to prevent people from hiring these kinds of services. If you are found guilty of hiring a parttime maid you may be forced to pay very heavy fines that could easily have been avoided by following the correct protocols. Workers are not allowed to work without the permission of the Foreign Domestic Worker department. As a house owner you have to apply with this department so that you can have a domestic worker working at your home.

3. Little or no experience
Mostly all parttime and freelance maids are people who have little or no experience at all performing domestic chores in homes such as yours. They are people who are very desperate to find a job and they will perform almost any job so long as they get paid. You will find that mostly these parttime maids have never even handled the type of equipment and electrical appliances that you have in your home. There will be very many accidents and most of your appliances will fail because of being misused. You will also spend a lot of time teaching them to use certain appliances that they are probably seeing for the first time. This can be hectic and make you depressed. In most cases you will also not be satisfied with their cleaning and you will always be complaining about it and redoing some of the cleaning yourself.

4. Unadjustment problem and unreliable assistants
Build relationships with other people and it will also take time to build relationships with your maid. Since your parttime maid will be coming to work only for a short period of time it will take a really long time before you are both comfortable with each other. If she was there mostly she will know how you like duties performed and where she should place certain items. The lack of a closer relationship between you and your maid may lead to resentment since the both of you do not understand one another completely. It will also be impossible to rely to perform duties as you would like since she is not present for mostly.

5. Non-availability for long periods of time
parttime and freelance maids will come to your house on specific days and this may be beneficial or disadvantageous depending on you. For some people, the fact that your maid is unavailable for a whole day may lead to lots of problems. You probably want to spend quality time with your family but the chores that need completion are just too many. If that is the day that your freelance maid has her day off it may be hard for you to ask her to come over since probably she is somewhere else working for another person and she cannot leave that job just because you told her to.


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