5 Reasons Why Part Time Maid Are More Popular Than Full Time Maid?

Maids are important in our lives, and there is no doubt about that. In fact, there comes a situation where we just can't do without them. As a mum or a wife in Singapore, you will need some of your house chores done. For example, children need to be looked after; cooking needs to be done, your husband needs his clothes ironed, and so many other tasks that require your attention.

Why Part Time Maid Is More Popular

To be realistic, unless you are Superman, it is very hard to complete all these tasks. You will need some assistance, a maid. The maid can either be part time or full time. But in most cases, you might find yourself in that sticky situation where you have to choose between a full time maid and a part time maid.
Choosing the right maid is very important. This is because you are letting someone into your house; someone who may have to look after your children. And that's why deciding on whether to have a part time maid or a full time maid is very vital.

There are 5 reasons why part time maids are more popular than full time maids in Singapore. We are going to take a look at some of these reasons:

1. They Are Cheaper

Compared to the full time maids, they are definitely more affordable. This is because part time maids are paid on an hourly basis, and only when needed. Hiring a full time maid may be expensive for you probably won't need her at all times. Sometimes the chores may be few, thus having a maid around may be of no use. But as long as she is around, you are still going to pay her. Be wise and pay for the services done - employ a part time maid.

2. It Saves Space

In Singapore, when you have a full time maid, it means that you will have to provide her with accommodation. Other than being more expensive, you get to allocate some of your house space for her. This can be inconvenient, especially when you have visitors. You don't want to have your visitors lacking a place to sleep when they come for a stopover.

3. They Are More Productive

Part time maids are more committed to their work than their counterparts. This is because they work on hourly rates. This actually prompts them to work harder, and with so much dedication on their part. On the contrary, full time workers are already used to being less enthusiastic. They only devote themselves during the early days after being employed. To have your house well cleaned, always opt for the part time maids.

4. More Time With The Family

Family is very paramount, and spending time with family members is an important part of our lives. Once you have a full time maid, you are deprived of such an opportunity. With a full time maid, you will find yourself spending less time with your children, assuming that they are fine. But with a part time maid, you will be obligated to spend time with family.

5. Saves time and energy

Finally, having a part time help saves most of your time, and energy as well. All you need is to give the maid a call, and she will do whatever is required of her.
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