Why Choose Us As Your New Year Spring Cleaning Service?

Spring cleaning is involving. It requires enough time, expertise and equipment to ensure you carry out a thorough job. Most people in Singapore do not have enough time to give the task the attention it deserves. This is quite understandable. A busy work life, personal obligations and a family to take care of leaves you with little or no time to clean your house thoroughly. Spring cleaning has many benefits. The most vivid one is that evidently, your home will be sparkling clean. This gives way to fresh air, an attractive atmosphere and a welcoming home. In addition, you will have fewer chances of harbouring pests and germs therefore minimizing related diseases and allergies.

Spring Cleaning

Most people get very few hours every week to relax. Some choose to spend this time with loved ones or get involved in activities that help them unwind. Everyone needs sometime to relax and have fun. This is not the time to carry out household chores such as spring cleaning. When you do not take time to rest well, you end up fatigued, less productive and moody. Rather than spend your free time cleaning your home, let an expert cleaning service provider do it for you. It will not only be done professionally but the results will be better and the exercise will consume less time. You will feel much better after the job has been carried out leaving you with enough energy to enjoy activities that help you relax and connect with loved ones.

It is always a pleasure coming back to a clean home. It helps you relax better after a long and tedious day at work. Inviting guests to your home does not have to be a regrettable ordeal and so does spending time with your family. If you are wondering how you can balance a busy life and still get time to keep your home sparkling clean especially for New Year, we are here to help. We offer unequalled cleaning services with guaranteed results that will last long after we have finished the job. Why should you choose us?


We are Dependable

Many people want their homes spring cleaned and ready for the New Year festivals. It sometimes happens that you book the service somewhere but on the material day, no one shows up to carry out the service. This is not the case with us. We only take jobs we are capable of delivering quality services for. Although we get many orders, we have enough employees to handle the workload. We do not have to rebook scheduled appointments or keep you waiting at home for hours. We will keep time, arrive with the necessary equipment and start work right away as had been agreed upon earlier on.

We Have the Required Experience

Spring cleaning requires a lot of experience. Having the necessary skills is not enough. At our company, we employ only those who have several years experience spring cleaning homes. We also take our employees through regular courses especially on how to use different cleaning equipment and detergents. They are also taught on customer handling techniques including how to be professional, friendly, supportive and trustworthy. You can be rest assured that we take the time to look for honest and trustworthy employees. Cases of theft or negligence are unheard of here.

We Have a Good Reputation

We have been offering spring cleaning services for many years. In order to stay competitive and retain our clients, we do everything possible for the results to be satisfactory. We understand that our clients are the lifeline of our business. Without them, we would close down. Happy customers always come back and they also spread the word around. Some of the clients we serve have been referred to us by those we have worked for in the past. This has ensured a steady growth of a prestigious cleaning service company. You can ask many who have used our services how they rate us. Were they satisfied with the service delivered? You can also check online for reviews. We work hard to ensure that the reputation we have built this far remains impeccable.

New Year Spring Cleaning

Our Rates are Affordable

Just because it is spring cleaning season does not mean that you have to go over your cleaning budget. In addition, it does not mean that we charge more than we should. Compared to the services we give, our rates are very competitive. When we carry out the services for you, they will be worth every penny you paid for. There are companies that give you a certain rate but after they start the job, they hike the amount or change the terms of service. Some refuse to carry out some tasks you had agreed upon unless you pay more money but we do not do that. What we agree upon from the beginning is what we work with to the end. Our rates are very transparent and tailor made to suit individual client needs.

We Put Your Needs First

Cleaning for us is not just about getting paid. We are passionate about the work we do. We ensure that your needs are met the best way possible. This means working within your budget and schedule. Will you be available on weekends, holidays or in the evening? We will ensure that we send someone over to clean for New Year's festivals when it is convenient for you. You can also call us anytime of the day. Even on weekends and public holidays, someone will be available to talk to you and help the best way they can. Our main objective is not to get money from you but to ensure you and your family live in a clean and healthy home.

It is also good to note that we are a licensed cleaning service provider in Singapore. We follow the set rules and regulations in the country to ensure that we offer quality and reliable services. We are serious about our work that is why we take the time to adhere to the rules governing cleaning institutions and other companies in Singapore.




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