Where To Find A Part Time Maid In Singapore?

Cleaning services in Singapore are now readily available to anyone who needs them. If you work long hours, you may find it hard to keep up with clean up work in your home. In such a case, the best decision you can make is to hire a part time maid. Professional maids are able to perform a thorough cleaning job. You therefore do not have to burn yourself out in the attempt to do all the cleanup work on your own.

In order to hire a part time maid in Singapore, you just need to contact one of the companies that offer maid cleaning services. You should then inform the maid the chores that you want him/her to perform. After the chores are complete, a sense of balance will be restored to your busy schedule. Before hiring part time maid services in Singapore, it is important to be sure that you are going to get well trained maids. The company that employs them should be bonded and insured so that you will not face any obligations if an accident that causes an injury takes place as the maid is performing his/her duties.

Where to find a part time maid

The company should also have good references and testimonials. If you hire such a company, you will be sure of receiving quality services. One of the reputable companies that offer part time maid cleaning services in Singapore is Part Time Maid. This company has a high level of professionalism and uses the latest and most effective cleaning methods. It also charges affordable prices for the maid services.

Part Time Maid offers various packages of 4 hour jobs depending on the number of cleaning sessions that you need. It offers monthly and weekly contracts which include four working hours daily on a minimum of four and a maximum of twelve session packages every month. However, the company can increase the number of sessions or hours if necessary. The quality of work that the part time maids perform determines the prices charged for the work and they are clearly listed on the company's website ( You do not have to pay any agent fees or hidden charges.

When using the services of Part Time Maid, you can choose to provide your own cleaning products or you can request the company to use its cleaning products. This company selects maids who are trustworthy and willing to work diligently and professionally at all times. They will work hard to satisfy your needs. This company is very professional meaning that it provides all its customers with quality services all the time.

This is a great company to source your part time maid services from. You can request for a maid to come to your house and perform clean up work any time you find it necessary. Part Time Maid offers all types of home cleaning chores including vacuuming and cleaning floors, cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, washing and ironing clothes and Spring Cleaning services among others. When you use the services of this company, you will be satisfied with the clean up work performed at your house.
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