Where Can I Find Weekend Cleaner In Singapore?

Singapore is a working nation and so everyone is busy and finding time to do cleaning in your home is not always easy. Working will leave you with no time to clean at all. You will opt to spend any time you have away from work with leisure activities, with your family or entertaining your guests at home. Nobody wants to welcome guests in a dirty disorganized house. So a clean home is necessary all the times for hygiene purposes. There are things you cannot do yourself and so hiring a part time cleaner will take that stress off your mind.


Weekend cleaners in Singapore are not so hard to find. But you want to be careful who you let into your house. In case you will be away as your hired help scrubs and dusts your home, then you need to ensure you have peace of mind by hiring a cleaner you can trust. Most people will get cleaners through recommendations from people they know - friends, workmates, and family. Other times, it is enough to get a reputable cleaning company to send over their team. The good thing about the latter way of getting a weekend cleaner is that, you will get professional services and top quality service that is reliable and trustworthy.

Consider the following before you hire a part time cleaner

- What is it that needs to be done when it comes to your home cleanliness, that which you cannot handle yourself. Decide whether it is worthy hiring a cleaner at your home. The answer is definitely yes, there are a lot of things to be done and you need the help.

- How frequently do you want your house to be cleaned depending on how fast it gets dirty, if you have children you might need it to be cleaned more often.

- How long will you want the cleaner to stay in your house? This will be determined by how big your house is and probably how dirty it is and how much cleaning it needs. Have a time schedule on what time the cleaning will be done.

- Will you be home during the cleaning? It is tricky to decide whether you need to be home during the cleaning process or just leave the cleaner to perform their tasks. If you have a cleaner from a service company, they are trained on what they have to do as part of their work while you will need to give instructions to your individual cleaner.

- If you have a weekend cleaner from a service company, you need to know what their work involves, since tasks like laundry, dishes and others may not be part of their work to avoid disappointments.

- You will need to find out about the conduct of your cleaner. Service companies do a check on criminal background of their employees so you do not need to worry about that.

- How does the service company ensure that their employee is efficient? Do they have a trained crew leader to always inspect the work done by their employees?

- Find out whether the employees are insured in case of accidents or loss of property.

- Using a service company will ensure you have someone always to do your work since they can always replace their employees as opposed to when you decide to deal with an individual cleaner.

- Is the person you are dealing with trustworthy? This is not easy to answer but building trust in people you are dealing with will help you relax and give them space to do their work well.

- Consider your finances. Hiring a part time cleaner is not an expensive undertaking and it's not for the wealthy as many people would take it!

- Going for an individual cleaner will attract taxes. Using a service company will not give you such expenses.


Basic tasks your part time cleaner will perform.

There are specific areas in your house which your part time cleaner should concentrate on. Let's take a look:

- In the kitchen; kitchen surfaces should be wiped and whatever is placed on them arranged well, kitchen sink thoroughly cleaned. They will also mop the floor. It might not be the cleaner's task to do the dishes, cleaning your oven, the loading or offloading the dishwasher and cleaning the fridge. So you may have to attend to them.

- Living room; dusting of surfaces will be necessary from time to time. Vacuum cleaning your carpet or the floor and also mopping it. Remember to have your furniture moved from time to time to clean unreachable parts of the floor.

- Bathroom; your bathroom will require careful cleaning especially if it's used by everyone in the family. Bath tubs and showers accumulate a lot of dirt so if it's going to wait to be cleaned by your weekend cleaner insist on close attention. Soap areas should also be attended to. Toilets also need to be cleaned well with good cleaning agents to kill germs. Your cleaner will also mop the floor.

- Bedroom; ensure that your clothes are always folded and kept in good order to keep your bedroom tidy. Your cleaner will dust any surfaces and clean the floor.

To ensure that your home is clean, always check on the following areas and maybe negotiate with your part timer cleaner to have them done or else do them yourself if you can.

- Removing cobwebs and dusting the ceiling.

- Behind and inside appliances like the microwave, refrigerator, oven, dish washer, drier, and the cooker.

- Kitchen walls get a lot of grease. Have them cleaned from time to time.

- Top of cabinets accumulate dust over time.

- Behind the toilet.

- Glass surfaces, windows and doors.

- Laundry and ironing is in most cases not a task for your part time cleaner, you can find out under what terms you can have it done

- Communicate on all your feelings.

When hiring a part time cleaner do the following:

- If you are not satisfied with the service make it known to the cleaner or the employer.

- Give appreciation to good services not just complaining about what is not well done.

- Keep all your drawers locked and personal things out of reach.

- If you are satisfied by the service offered by a particular cleaner consider having them to do cleaning for you for consistency.

Having a part time cleaner may not relieve you the entire house hold chores, but it will ensure most of your cleaning work is done. You will have time to relax during your weekends and also concentrating on other areas of your life. It is not a luxury as many may think, it does not mean you a lazy. You just need that service so just go for it.




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