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Cleaning and tidying up homes take up a lot of time. Most people are busy with their lives to be able to devote much time to these activities. Everyone wants a spic and span home with everything in order and not a speck of dust to be seen anywhere. How you wish you could make that a reality. People have work commitments, family duties and cooking to do and on top of that they have try and set the home in order. Many folks slave away on weekends vacuuming, mopping and dusting. There's shopping for groceries, essentials and much more to be done on weekends. If you enjoy a healthy lifestyle you would like to spend a few hours at the gym, prepare and eat healthy meals and spend some quality time with family. Visits to the salon, catching up with friends, socializing and more need time too on weekends. 

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There are only so many hours in a day and it is impossible to do everything in that time as you need to rest and enjoy some leisure time too to recuperate and get back to work. If you work 8-12 hour days for 5-6 days a week it is not fair that you should be doing household chores that can easily be outsourced to an @bsolute part time maid who will take care of these tasks and leave you to enjoy your weekends off. Some tasks that can be easily done by maid whom you hire for a few hours every weekend can do a variety of tasks like

1. Cleaning, tidying up the home, vacuuming, mopping and dusting. Most maids and auntie cleaners are trained to do these tasks in a professional and efficient manner. You will be surprised at how clean and nice your home looks after the cleaners have been at your home doing these simple and time consuming tasks.

2. Bathroom tiles, sinks and toilet bowls need to be cleaned thoroughly with chemical cleaning agents, soap and water to keep them germ free. The taps, bathtubs, bathroom chrome fittings and fixtures also need scrubbing, cleaning and good wipe-down to keep them fresh and shiny for many years. No strong chemical cleaners should be to clean the stainless steel or chrome fittings. Cleaners from professional cleaning companies are aware of these points and do the right thing.

3. Kitchens get really dirty with grease, grime and oily fumes. Everything in the kitchen gets grimy if it is not cleaned often. If you cannot afford to do this simply outsource the job to an @bsolute part time maid. They will clean the kitchen and leave it spotlessly clean. The stove top, chimneys, counter tops, work surfaces, cabinet surfaces all need to be cleaned with mild cleaning agents so you will be able to cook and eat in a clean space. You cannot let the kitchen get dirty and unhygienic. Hire out the work to a part time maid.

4. Window treatments like curtains, vinyl blinds, drapes get dirty and dusty over time. Washing them, drying them out and ironing takes time. Get an auntie cleaner to do it for you and enjoy the clean feeling of your home.

5. Upholstered sofas, cushions, covers and other furniture also need to be vacuumed and cleaned. Coffee table tops needs to be dusted and cleaned. All the gadgets and gizmos gather dust and appear dirty if not taken care of. Get your maid to do the job for you and see the difference.

Part Time Maid

6. Singapore being a hot and sweaty place there is usually loads of washing up to do on weekends as people want clean clothes every day. Washing, drying ironing and folding clothes can consume your whole weekend. Choose a e home services company that will hire out ladies who will take over your weekend laundry duties. Imagine how much free time you will have to spend with your family or do your favorite activity.

7. Carpets are another major problem when it comes to cleaning. Stains and messes on carpet with small children around the house are always a danger. Simply get your carpet cleaning done by hiring professionals. There are different ways to do it and you can a suitable service depending on your needs.

8. Air conditioners are an absolute necessity in hot Singapore. That means they need regular cleaning too. Otherwise they will be home to dangerous germs and bugs. Get the ducts and filters cleaned by professionals and keep your air conditioning humming along.

9. If you can handle most cleaning jobs yourself but need some help with spring cleaning so you get rid of all the accumulated junk and dirt there are auntie cleaners or @bsolute part time maids who can be hired to do this for you.

10. You can hire your e home services on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on your needs. An office or shop may need daily cleaning services while a home may need just a few hours a week. It is possible to hire part-time maids or auntie cleaners.

Whether it's a home, office or small business that needs cleaning and sprucing up there are professionals who are willing to help for a fee. You no longer have to spend all your free time on doing mind-numbing tasks that any one can do. If you slog long hours at office want to come and relax and not worry about the day-to-day chores like washing and mopping up just call an auntie cleaner to do the cleaning up for you by hiring them for a few hours. 

Man or woman, bachelor or married everyone deserves some leisure time to do the things that they love to do. Laundry, vacuuming, dusting and mopping should not be worrying you on the days you have a few hours off for yourself. Relax, go the gym, watch a movie, learn something new, spend some time with your kids and leave the cleaning to the people who are pros at this.

Thousands of men and women are thankful for the services rendered by E Home services which helps them to join a gym or yoga class, spend a few extra hours with their families or just catch up with friends. You can have this pleasure too for a few dollars get your freedom back.




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