Spring Cleaning VS Weekly House Cleaning Service

Different Types of Cleaning Service in Singapore


Not sure if you should use spring cleaning service or weekly cleaning service? House cleaning is a challenge for most of the people. The time spent in outdoor activities rarely leaves behind time for you to look after your house. For those working on daily basis, this becomes more difficult task. People today demand a perfect lifestyle but do not have enough time to build it.

Therefore one can hire housekeeping services from companies at a reasonable cost. But it is quite confusing when it comes to choosing between various services offered. Often individuals are confused whether they should opt for spring cleaning service or weekly house cleaning service. It is advised to choose one among these according to your lifestyle and your schedule.

Spring cleaning time:
In many countries around the world, one time spring cleaning is regarded as an annual tradition. After a long and cold winter it is always good to have a good spring cleaning done. It involves cleaning of the house and removing old stuffs, washing the doors and windows, repainting of walls cleaning the attic. Spring is a good time to consider a cleaning service. You can comfortably take out time to look for damages and dirty areas inside your house, kitchen and figure out which of these need special treatment. You can hire a housekeeping service for complete assistance. You just need to sit back and keep a watch on the cleaning process. These housecleaning services have professionals and educated maids who are excellent in their work. They will carefully clean your house according to your need and help you create more space in your house. Spring cleaning time does not feel like a work, it is more like taking care of your house and it makes you feel great.

Weekly House cleaning service:
For those who wish to spend more time looking after their house but cannot do so because of tight schedule, it is recommended that they take help of weekly house cleaning service. These services are convenient since they do not require much time in cleaning your house once every week. Thus you can save a lot of time from cleaning and managing your house. There are number of cleaning companies who offer all kinds of cleaning service according to your needs. One can choose for weekly service if he or she has got just a day off once a week and is in need for assistance in looking after his house. You can have your room dusted, washed and cleaned within a day and even have your washroom and toilet sanitized. You need not worry about cleaning your house every day. The cleaning staffs are experienced and you can enjoy your privacy while your house is cleaned and vacuumed.

Weekly cleaning of house is preferable because it needs less time as the amount of dust and dirt accumulated in your house will be small and can be managed easily. You will also save money as the cleaning service will not charge you much for less working hours. A shorter cleaning process ensures that you save time for the rest of your activities. One time spring cleaning might take long duration because your house is left unattended for several months. Also the charges for this cleaning service would be more and you will need to spend more time planning the whole process.


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