Toilet Cleaning Tips You Can Learn

Nobody likes the daunting and sometimes disgusting task of toilet cleaning. Little do we know it can be quite easy to do and less time-consuming. The job needs to be done one way or the other to protect our household against disease-causing bacteria.

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If you are tired of postponing and have decided to take on this rather daunting task today, all you need to do is follow the steps in this toilet cleaning guide and you can turn this disgusting chore into a less complicated one. You will be done in no time, I promise.

· To start with, clear everything that does not need to be around the toilet area to reduce the chances of anything being ruined by splashes and sprays from the toilet bowl.

· You will need; toilet cleaners, disinfectant, a toilet brush, gloves, goggles and cleaning towels or paper towels. You can find all of these items at your local stores in Singapore.

· Wear eyewear, gloves, and full-clothing while working to prevent eye or skin contact with splashes from the toilet. We are trying to keep the toilet clean not attract more bacteria to ourselves.

Dust and sweep around the toilet area to remove cobwebs in any corners. Tackle the toilet surface and surfaces around the toilet, use the cleaner to wipe down toilet paper holders, mirrors, faucets, and sinks.

· Flush the toilet with the lid down. After this is done, open it up and pour your choice of cleaner into the bowl and let that sit while you work on the other areas. Apply generously to the rim so that the whole cleaner is not diluted.

· A way to totally avoid dilution of your toilet cleaner is to get rid of the water in the toilet bowl. Get a toilet plunger and plunge away until all or most of the water is gone. Your cleaners can now be applied everywhere in the bowl and remain still remain concentrated.

· Always start the cleaning of your toilet from top to bottom. You do not want to have to re-do the whole thing when products start dripping from the top after you have already cleaned the bottom.

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· A lot of people often neglect the water tank. Do not be like them. It can be a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew. Open up the water tank and pour the cleaner and disinfectant into the water and let them sit for a while. Flush the toilet 2-3 times to rinse off the tank. You do not want any left-over products eating at your pipes.

· While the cleaning solution sits in the toilet bowl, wipe down the exterior of the toilet with the cleaner and a towel. Make sure to wipe down the seat and under the toilet, get into all the corners and do not forget to wipe the toilet flusher handle.

· Now is the time to clean the toilet bowl. Use your toilet brush to scrub around the bowl and the hole at the bottom of the toilet. Pay attention to the surface beneath the rim, grime and dirt have a habit of accumulating there. Again, do not forget to close the lid before you flush.

· After this, take the disinfectant and the cleaning towel or disinfecting wipes and wipe down the toilet both inside and outside, on top and underneath. You need to stay protected against bacteria.

· If the stains on your toilet are stubborn and are too much work for you, you might want to invest in a pressure cleaner, it can help you take out the toughest stains from those hard-to-reach spots on the toilet. You can find it at home improvement stores in Singapore.

· Take care of your toilet brush, soak it in vinegar or bleach after each use and change it out before it gets too old, preferably a few times a year.

· Soak and wash your cleaning towels after all the work is done so they can be reused safely.

· Do not forget to mop the floor in your bathroom with a cleaner and disinfectant to ensure all-around
cleanliness. Also, keep the walls around the toilet clean.

Here are a few things I feel the need to remind you of in toilet cleaning;

· Close the lid of your toilet when flushing. The toilet is like a fountain of bacteria when it is being flushed. All the sprays and splashes contribute to distributing the germs, make sure to keep it covered.

· Do not clean with a sponge. Sponges are good at harboring germs and there are already enough germs in the toilet as it is. Use disposable paper towels or cleaning cloths that can be washed, disinfected and reused.

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If you still have a lingering urine smell even after all your hard work, here are tips on how to get rid of it;

· Combine baking soda and fresh lemon juice (great for disinfecting and odor control) into a paste with a thick consistency.

· Spread the paste over the toilet surface, both in and out and allow to sit for about 15-20 minutes.

· After the time has elapsed, spray the dried paste with white vinegar and all it to fizz, wipe of with cleaning towel when this is done.

Here are a few DIY toilet cleaners that you can try out if you are not interested in the manufactured stuff;

· Baking soda + 1 cup white vinegar + teaspoon tea tree essential oil

Combine the vinegar and the tea tree essential oil in a spray bottle. Sprinkle the baking soda in a bowl and then scrub with a toilet brush.

· Borax + 1 cup white vinegar + 10 drops lavender essential oil +5 drops lemon essential oil.

Combine ingredients, spray on toilet bowl and surface and scrub.

· 2 cups water+ white vinegar+ 1 Tsp dish soap+ 1 Tsp baking soda.

Mix the ingredients together in a spray bottle. Spray toilet surface and bowl and wipe
clean or scrub.

To get a DIY disinfectant made:

· Combine 1 cup of water and 1 cup of rubbing alcohol in a bottle, shake and apply to surface.

· Combine vinegar and a few drops of essential oil in a spray bottle, mix, spray on the desired surface and wipe.

You can find most of these ingredients in your home or on the shelves of your local stores in Singapore.

If you follow the steps in this toilet cleaning guide, 0toilet cleaning will become a breeze for you. Do it as often as possible so your toilet and household, as a whole, can be kept germ-free and fresh-smelling. Now go on and enjoy your clean toilet.




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