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Maids were once the province for rich. In bustling city like Singapore, everyone is striving for a high standard of living, working more hours each week and neglecting your household chores. If you find yourself spending the entire weekends doing all your household chores, without spending time with your loved ones, it is time to consider engaging a maid to assist you.

Thinking of hiring a full-time maid? She will become part of your household. It is important to choose the right person. It is definitely not easy to find a maid which is happy and able to bond with your family, if you are able to find someone, it's your luck! It doesn't always happen to every family.

In Singapore, most of the maid agencies will generally offer a maximum three times within a specified period of time, and you may or may not be required to pay a replacement fee. With regards to full time maid, it is best to build a good relationship by using the appropriate approach. Personal & privacy space need to be respected from both parties and rules set by employer must be reasonable. Full-time maid will be part of your family for a long term period till disappointment occurs.

Disadvantage: Agencies may hike visa charges, miscellaneous allow and maid seek rise in salaries.
There are pros and cons for everything, nothing is flawless.

How about engage a part-time maid? It is between both parties for a short period of time at an affordable rate. In Singapore, part-time maid became popular in the recent years due to the flexible time for housecleaning. Owners are able to choose from an extensive range of packages and it will vary according to their requirement such as the size of their flat, how often they require the services and etc.
Look no further, Part Time Maid Singapore is definitely your best choice!

We are a provider of part-time maid for both commercial and residential buildings with no agent fee. We pride ourselves on being the most reliable and reputable company. Our maids are local Singaporeans, permanent residents and had undergone trainings to improve their services. It is advisable that you keep all valuables although each of them is completely reliable and trustable but we are trying to prevent any misunderstanding. With us around, you do not have to be home when our cleaners are helping you out, just leave your keys with us, and we will get it looking great again!

Beware that it is ILLEGAL to hire a foreign freelance maid or borrowing your family or friend’s full-time maid to clean your flat. It is advisable to look for a professional house cleaning company to aid your needs.
Disadvantage: You will pay more or equal than full-time maid.


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