How To Remove Coffee Stains On Carpet?

All of us love coffee as it is necessary to get us through our working day. But the one place where it does not belong is on your carpet.

In order to do carpet coffee stain removal, ensure that you do not leave it as it is. Or else, you will be living with a stain that will be brown and make your carpet looking really dirty for the rest of its life. If you do not want this to happen, you need to act real fast.

Coffee stains on carpet

After all, all know that the secret to stain removal in carpet cleaning is immediate action. The longer that you would be leaving a stain, the more difficult it will be to remove later on. So, as soon as coffee spills, you need to spring to action. Make use of kitchen towels or even a plain white cloth in order to absorb as much spill as you possibly can. You need to use a pressing or even a blotting motion to do so. Do not rubbing as that way you would only be forcing the stain to go deeper into your carpet.

Now you need to wet this stain by using a sponge. Make use of cold water only as hot water will only make the stain more firm. Now repeat your blotting process with a cloth or kitchen towels.

In case the stain appears to be gone, you would be feeling quite happy that the blotting process was all that you needed but this is not true. Post this you would have to proceed to tougher measures.

Step 1
Add one quarter teaspoon of dishwashing liquid to one cup of lukewarm water. Dab this onto the stained portion. Without scrubbing, work this solution into the carpet by using a deep pressing motion. In case your carpet is made from natural fibers, like wool, seagrass or sisal, always perform a patch test on some hidden part of your carpet first. This will ensure that this solution will not be damaging your carpet. Leave this solution on place for nearly 10 minutes. Now blot in order to remove as much of the solution as you possibly can.
Carpet cleaning coffee stains

Step 2
Add 1/3 cup white vinegar to 2/3 cup of water. Now dab this solution onto the stain and allow it to work in. You need to leave this too for 10 minutes. This will continue your cleaning process as well as remove detergent residue, if any as else it may attract dirt.

Step 3
Post this you need to rinse the area again with a sponge. Blot it now till it becomes dry. Or else, put a lot of kitchen towels on the stained part and leave this overnight. In the morning you would find your carpet dry as well as stain-free.

All this indicates that carpet coffee stain removal is not as difficult as it appears. In fact, it will always be an integral part of your carpet cleaning process. The key here is to act fast in order to ensure that removal of stains is easy as well as effective.
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