How To Keep Your Wardrobe Clean And Tidy?

Cluttered and messy wardrobe is not only a sore for the eyes, but it also makes finding a particular piece of cloth like a needle in a haystack affair. Your wardrobe can get easily full and overflowing with dresses, accessories, and shoes within a small period if you're not paying attention to organizing it properly.

Having a neat and tidy wardrobe not only makes finding your desired clothes easier but also gives this area of your home a pleasant visual appeal. So how do you go about organizing one of the messiest parts of your home? Don't worry; we'll tell you how.



Before we move on to tidying up your closet, let's focus on something that we all miss you do or negligence. Yes, we are talking about cleaning. You can take various approaches in cleaning your wardrobe depending on what suits you best.

- You can give the wardrobe a dust-off to clean out the existing deposit of dirt. Dust all surfaces like corners and ceilings using a feather duster, which will also remove the nasty cobwebs present. However, make sure that you have removed all your clothing from this space so that the dust settle in your clothes and shoes.

- You can also go for a detergent based wash for better results because dusting doesn't suffice for removing accumulated sediments.

- Once your closet is squeaky clean, it's time to progress to organizing this space full of a mess to one of the most fashionable parts of your home.

Wardrobe Cleaning


- The first thing you'd want to start with is deciding what are the essential that you want to be there inside of your wardrobe. To begin with, remove all clothing and other items. Once the area is clean, it is time for you to think long and hard about the stuff you no longer need or can do without. Come on, we all have clothes that we do not wear anymore.

- Once you've got rid of all the extra and unnecessary items, it is time to organize your clothes in a way which will give you access to everything you want without getting entangled in a mess. You can rearrange your clothing based on their color, style, seasonal preference, etc. You can also rearrange them based on purpose, like formal wear, casual wear, and party wear.

- Knowing your priority is an added advantage. If you love to wear different shoes on a regular basis and have a diverse range of pairs, then it's a good idea to organize the closet space based on your shoe collection. If you have an extensive collection of formal jackets, you may also rearrange the closet items surrounding the magnificent clothes.

- If you want to keep a different variety of clothing and accessories all at the same place, then you would need to think about installing some shelves and hangers to segment all the items in the proper way. To install shelves, you must know about the dimensions of your closet and need to prepare accordingly on how to proceed.

- When we are talking about hangers, be sure to invest in a collection of attractive yet sturdy models so that they can accommodate for your clothing in the proper order. Remember, just organizing this stuff is not enough, you'll have to make a conscious effort to ensure that this space looks tidy as well. Wouldn't it be amazing if people complimented your sense of style just by taking a look at your wardrobe?

Cleaning And Tidy

- Once you have arranged to your clothing in a particular manner, you should have some free space underneath to store your footwear. If your shoes are in a jumble, separate them individually into pairs. You may condition and clean the shows as necessary and stuff old bits of newspaper tissue paper to help them retain their shape. Keep a box in hand, properly labeled and ready to store your precious shoe collection.

- Another alternative method of storing shoes involve keeping them on a display rack at the bottom of the closet. This arrangement is for those who want to give a glimpse of their shoe collection to anyone who might be in a position to take a peek inside of the closet. This arrangement is also preferred by those who do not want to get boxes involved.

- When planning a renovation of your closet, be sure that you have a budget fixed in mind. Wardrobe decoration can turn out to be an expensive affair if you do not know how to pull the strings here and there to get quality renovation within a limited price. Also, ascertain if you're going to renovate for the long term or want to change bits and pieces divided into many parts that go on for a particular time.

- You may also install additional sections for storing accessories like belts, jewellery, hair clips, etc. The type of add-ons that you should spend on relies heavily on your fashion choice. But, whatever you do, it's always a good idea to take help from a certified professional who can put your plans into action.

Getting rid of stuff

The main piece of advice that we'd like to give you is to begin by clearing out all the unnecessary clothes and items that you haven't worn in a long time. If you have anything that you haven't worn or used for over a year, it's time to think about getting rid of that item from your wardrobe. The best way you can free up space without actually throwing away things is to give them up for donation.

There are hundreds and thousands of people who do not have clothes to wear; you can be a good Samaritan and bring joy to the lives of many just by giving away what you don't need. Now that you know which clothes to eliminate and how to organize properly the fashion corner of your home go ahead and give it a try in the step-by-step manner as it is described here. We guarantee that you'll be ending the day with a smile on your face.




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