How To Keep Dust Off Furniture?

There is hardly any doubt that wooden furniture is an extremely charming item to have in your home. It certainly goes a long way in making the home sophisticated, luxurious and classy. Another great thing about these household belongings is that it has a long life and according to even the most conservative estimates, they will last at least for 35 to 50 years if not more. While there is no doubt that it goes a long way in giving a new look to the home, there are some downsides too which must be taken into account. The biggest problem with wooden furniture is that it attracts too much of dust and this for many people is perhaps an insurmountable problem. There are many instances where even after dusting off the particles on sofa and other wooden items, they start attracting dust once again. Hence for many homemakers it certainly is a problem which perhaps has no solution. However, this exactly is not the fact. Over the next few lines we will try and have a look at some DIY ways and means by which it is possible to keep the costly and sophisticated wooden items in good condition and free from dust and other such microscopic particles.


Know The Use Of Vacuum Cleaner
There is no doubt that vacuum cleaner is one of the best ways to clean homes from impurities and also keep it free from microorganisms and other such impurities. More importantly it also would be extremely useful in removing dust that is deeply entrenched in wooden furniture. While many of us might be spending lot of time sweeping with a broom, the fact is that it may not be able to fully clean the dust. In fact it might be counterproductive because the dust might get settled. If this process is continued over and over again for many days, then it is likely that you could see that layers of dust have started accumulating on the wooden items. Hence using a good quality vacuum cleaner could perhaps be a very great way by which you could keep your wooden furniture free from dust, on a comparative scale. However, vacuuming has to be done on a regular basis failing which it will not have the desired impact.

Capturing Dust Effectively

Dusts are microscopic particles which will continue to be present in the room and they will always try and settle down on smooth surface which are porous. Since wood is one such surface, the chances of dust settling down are quite high. Hence the best option would be to find out ways by which the entry of dust into the room is minimized to the maximum extent possible. Towards this objective, having a good air conditioning system could be helpful. If it has HEPA filters installed in it, it will be able to absorb and filter almost 95% of the dust and prevent it from entering the room. This is combination with a good vacuum cleaner should go a long way in keeping the costly wooden items free from the problem of dust.

Cleaning Furniture

Try using a combination of

Using a mix of fabric softener with some bit of water could also be a great way to keep wooden items and furniture relatively free from dust. One tablespoon of fabric softener mixed with 2 quarts of water should be enough to come out with an effective solution. A rag preferably made from terry cloth rag should be dipped in it and the water should be removed by wringing the rag thoroughly till only the dampness is left. Then the rag should be used to wipe wooden furniture. It does not leave behind any film and more importantly it is great for repelling dust. If done on a regular basis, it should be a great way to keep out dust.

Combination Of Lemon Oil And Mineral Oil

This is an easy to do but extremely effective method by which dust can be kept away from wooden furniture. Two spoonfuls of lemon oil should be added to 2 cups of mineral oil. once it has been thoroughly mixed you should wipe it or use a hand operated water pump to spray on the wooden furniture. Then it should be wiped clean using a cotton rag or special polishing cloth. It not only is a good dust repellent but also goes a long way in giving a new shine to the wooden furniture.

Tidy Furniture

Water and Liquid Castle Soap

Water in combination with liquid castle oil can be a wonderful way by which wooden furniture can be kept clean. You need to have 1/2 teaspoon of liquid castle soap added to 8 ounces of water. Along with you should also add sweet-orange essential oil (8 drops). You could also come out with another mixture of lemon essential oil and cedar wood essential oil (both four drops each). Both the above mixtures should be sprayed on to the wooden furniture and the residue should be wiped clean with a clean cloth. It works quite well and the reason perhaps is the pleasant aroma it gives. This aroma is a great dust repellent.

Some Dusting Tips Which Could Help Keep Dust Away From Furniture

Apart from the above there are some simple dusting tips which if followed could help a lot in keeping the room free from dust. When this is followed diligently, it will also reduce the levels of dust which furniture attracts. It would always be better to start with a tidy room first and then move up the ladder and finish off with the most dusty room. Further when cleaning dust it would be better to start from the top and then move down. You should also understand the importance of feather duster which has enormous dust attracting capabilities.


Hence at the end of the day there is no doubt that there are quite a few easy to do things which could go a long way in helping to get rid of dust to a great extend. However, it has to be borne in mind that completely doing away with dust would be an extremely difficult task. At best it can be managed and controlled effectively.




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