How To Do A Chemical Cleaning After Renovation?

Nowadays, we can fix almost anything to suit our tastes, our homes and living spaces included. Renovations are exactly what helps us do this. We can now re-build, re-organize, and re decorate living spaces into what we prefer. Many real estate professionals understand the usefulness of this process. It has been used to update many homes. Updating any space increases it's value on the market. Not only that, but it makes the space much more appealing to the eyes and there is as certain comfort that comes with residing in a fresh new home.

How To Do A Chemical Cleaning After Renovation?

Renovations are especially useful when it comes to updating spaces to be with the current times. Renovations are an extremely daunting task. Not only do they take up a significant amount of time and resources, but also energy. Results of a renovation project can be quite satisfying, but before getting to settle down in the newly transformed space or home, cleaning must take place.

Cleaning any space after a renovation entails a great deal of work if one chooses to do the process privately. However, there are many cleaning service companies ready to do all the work for you. The only catch, however, is the price. As you may guess, a lot of work equals a lot of money. So the next best thing is doing the process yourself. Though this may be a bit intimidating for some, it is not as difficult as you may think. As long as you know the basics and the how to's, you are set to do the project all on your own.

The scene following the finalized renovation may be rather harrowing. Debris, dirt, and other left over materials may be laying around. The first thing to do here is to get rid of any unused material. You do not necessarily have to toss them in the trash if they are still useful. If some material can be used elsewhere or by someone else, choose to recycle. Recycling is a good way to make money off of the old material. You may find that someone may be interested in purchasing the material at a highly discounted price from you than to purchase new materials. So it may be a smarter and more savvy option to recycle.

- Cleaning the windows

First order of business in cleaning after a renovation are the walls and windows. Cleaning the windows is comparatively simple. First thing to do is to get rid of the dust and debris and any material on the window. Then, mix together some vinegar and water for a cleaning agent solution. Disinfect every part of the window and wash once or twice.

- Cleaning the walls

Walls are also quite easy to clean. You can opt to use the same vinegar and water mixture to clean, or change up and use soap and water. Point is you do not have to use heavy chemicals to clean the walks. Apply the mixture once or twice with a sponge while gently brushing. Finally clean with plain water and dry with cloth.

Chemical Cleaning After Renovation?

- After getting rid of the large left over material, the next step is to start clearing the floor.

There will probably be a large amount of dirt and debris. This is where a chemical clean up comes in. This process can be potentially dangerous and hence requires an extra amount of carefulness and caution. A post renovation chemical wash refers to thee use of and to remove cement stains. This process is generally extremely effective. The first thing to do ensure the floor is absolutely clear of dirt and debris. Sweep thoroughly. Next thing to do is purchase the no. 3 acid for washing. When cleaning the floor, ensure you are wearing protective gear. Wear goggles to protect the eyes. Gloves on hands are a must. Also ensure that no part of the body is left uncovered to avoid any contact with the chemical. Carefully wash the floor with a sponge. Once done, clean thoroughly with water and soap and ensure every inch is free of acid.

- For a carpeted floor

If your floor is carpet, acid cleaning will not apply. Instead, use a good suction vacuum with a good filter to capture particles. A hazard to consider in carpet cleaning, however, is excessive dirt and particles which can be harmful to your body. Invest in a good quality mask before beginning the vacuuming process. A good recommended filter is a HEPA filter which is strong and can capture even the finest dust and other particles. Vacuum the area thoroughly, perhaps going over it once or twice to ensure all particles that can be potentially harmful. If there are counter tops or other surfaces, clean using gentle cleaning agents.

It is recommended to leave the window open for the following few days to allow airing out of particles and clearing of air. This is a health caution because after the renovation, there are many harmful particles that were from the old and new material. These particles include Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). New furniture , paint, and carpets are also agents that contain the particles. Hence, it's also recommended to leave windows open to air out after installation of new objects.

With all said and done, cleaning up after a renovation is a difficult task. The larger the space, the more difficult it will be the thoroughly clean. So with the large spaces, it is recommended to hire cleaning services to help you. Before you choose the company, however, make sure you are aware of the products they are using just to be on the safe side.

Chemical washing is a great way to clear out any stains on the hard surfaced floor, and it requires extra precaution when handling. Windows and walls, on the other hand, are fairly simple to clean and do not require much work. Leaving the space to air out for a few days is great to allow fresh air in as let leftover particles clear out. Also allowing a few days for new furniture to settle is good for avoiding any potential harmful substances that may come with the materials.

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