How To Clean Greasy Kitchen Walls

Kitchen is one of the most significant hubs of your home. It is that place where you prepare and eat meals and is also a major zone for your entertainment and relaxation. Due to this reason, you particularly need to ensure that your kitchen looks exceptionally well with the best interiors. Not only should it have durable equipment, but it should also be perfectly spick and span. Yes. The dirty interiors need to be cleaned from time to time in order to make it look and feel great. In case you are wondering about the relevance and ways to clean these dirty walls, here’s a complete insight on cleaning grease from your kitchen walls.


Why should you clean your dirty kitchen?

Did you ever notice the layers of thick grime in the kitchen duct? You probably have not, but believe us when we say it; dirty ducts do make a huge difference in your lifestyle. A dirty kitchen duct is like a paradise for all the bad bacteria which exists in this universe. Blockage in these kitchen ducts make your electrical appliances run harder which produces more heat and thereby bucking up the chances of catching fire.

Likewise, the smoke from your kitchen also inadvertently affects the walls and the chimney. All the smoke which was created while making that sumptuous sizzler did not affect you, thanks to the chimney. Similarly, the walls too catch all the grime, grease and the splatters that come as the perks of cooking your favorite meal. These dirty greases build of a particular point of time. On top of that, if you have already moved to a new house which had previous tenants, you might not really observe how much build up has come to exist from the steam, grease and dirt. So while you move to a new house, you indeed have to take special measures and cleaning sessions to keep the splatters and stains of your kitchen walls under control.

Kitchen Cleaning

Blotting the grease

This is the first thing that you need to do in order to clean your kitchen walls from grease. Take a paper towel and start blotting the grease stains from time to time. You need to check for new grease stains and get started with it right away. As you blot a stain, replace the towel after it gets saturated. Keep continuing the procedure till the grease is removed completely and your walls are spick and span.

Wiping the kitchen walls

This is one of the most significant jobs that, is associated with grease cleanings. Right after you complete the blotting, take a sponge or rag dipped in hot water. Wrung out the entire thing well and then start wiping the walls with the sponge. Keep continuing the procedure until you are absolutely satisfied with it. Also remember that hot water indeed effectively softens the grease on your walls. So while cleaning grease, make it a point to use warm water. As you clean, keep the rinsing the sponge with warm water and then wrung it out. In case of heavy stains that have lasted for a significant amount of time, pour undiluted vinegar on your respective sponge for the best results. In case the stains are stronger, use a harder bristle brush. Keep applying the undiluted vinegar until the stains are completely gone.

Adding Ammonia to clean stronger stains

If you find that your strains are still persistent even with that strong scrubbing with vinegar, add ammonia for better and more consistent cleanups. About 1 or 2 cups of ammonia is absolutely perfect for one gallon of water. This will remove the stains right away. All that you have to do is use a hard bristle-brush for the job. Right after that, start rinsing the walls with vinegar along with a sponge or a rag with damp, clean water. Make sure that the wall is perfectly dry before you apply the ammonia. Get it cleaned with a cloth to make sure that it is dry.

Washing kitchen walls with dishwashing soda

For this method, you will have to fill two big buckets of water. Right after that, add a generous amount of dishwashing liquid or a tablespoon of laundry detergent to it. This will be your final washing and cleaning session. After this, gently swish in order to make the suds.

Kitchen Walls Cleaning

Doing the cleaning

In order to ensure that your walls are perfectly spick and span, dip your rag or sponge in soapy water and right after that; wash around three feet section of your wall. Start from the bottom in order to ensure that the cleanup is better and more consistent. Keep doing this until you are completely satisfied with the cleanup. Rub vigorously in order to ensure that the stains are gone and your walls are perfectly spick and span.

Drying the wall

Right after the cleaning job, start drying the wall with a white cloth which is perfectly dry. You need to do this from time to time until the wall is perfectly dry. Keep up with the cleaning pattern and keep refilling your bucket with the detergent when the fluids become dirty.

Best tips for the perfect kitchen walls

While cleaning the kitchen walls, your arms and hands are exposed to the dirt and grime as well. So in order to protect them, you have got to cover your hand with a towel and secure it with rubber bands. You can also wear rubber gloves in order to make the cleanups tad faster and consistent.

Also, while cleaning the gloss and semi-gloss paint, make sure to not use a hard-bristled brush as it can rub through the paints surface. This is needed as this paint is highly resistant to damage for the cleaning. Again, if your kitchen walls are covered with flat paint, you might have to use a new coat of paint and primer. You can also get in to those unreachable corners of your kitchen with soft toothbrushes.

So what is keeping you waiting? Follow these guidelines and get started with your kitchen wall cleaning regime, right away.




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