House Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Well, there are plenty of cleaning tasks that can be done quickly and easily, without even having to dedicate specific time to complete them. Consider using some of these speed cleaning tips while waiting for your kids to get ready before leaving the house, while you are put on hold on the phone, or in between commercials during your favorite television show. By cleaning for just a minute or two at a time and following these easy speed cleaning tips, you can get many overlooked and simple cleaning tasks done, without taking any precious time out of your day.

Cleaning Tips And Tricks

The following speed cleaning tips can all be completed in about a minute or two. They require minimal effort yet go a long way towards keeping your living space clean and uh, well, livable. If you've got a minute, you can accomplish a lot!

Ten Speed Cleaning Tips:

Use a disinfectant cleaning wipe to wipe down door knobs, switch plates or the handle of the refrigerator.
 These items are often overlooked during regular cleaning time and house lots of germs.

Empty a small trash can.

You can keep extra trash bags at the bottom of the can so they can be easily replaced.

Clean out the lint filter on the dryer.
It only takes a few seconds and will result in your dryer operating more efficiently and will reduce the danger of fire.

Dust air vents.

This is an often overlooked cleaning task, but it only takes a minute to clean off the dust that builds up and may cover air vents. You'll breathe a lot easier.

Dust a ceiling fan.

If your ceiling fan runs non-stop, it's easy to forget about the dust that builds up on the blades. Turn it off and you'll be surprised by how much dust collects and a quick wipe down with a rag or dusting brush will stop the dust from being spread throughout the room.

Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Wipe a window sill.

Take a damp rag and wipe down sills to remove dust and grime.

Bang dirt out of entryway rugs.

Take the rug outside and just bang it around or shake it for a quick and easy way to remove the dirt that accumulates by the door.

Water and dust plants.

Unless you have a lot of plants scattered around, it only takes a minute to water the plants. And if they look dusty, take an extra minute to wipe down the leaves with a damp rag or paper towel.

Wipe the dust off window blinds.

The best and quickest way to clean window blinds is to put an old sock on your hand, spray with cleaner, and wipe each slat. You can just do one window at a time, as you have a minute or two to spare.

Clean front of appliances.

Just spray cleaner on and wipe. While we are usually very aware of cleaning the horizontal surfaces in our house, we sometimes forget about the vertical ones.

These speed cleaning tips can help you accomplish a lot in just the spare minutes of your day. Although we may think we have no time in our day to do anything "extra", there are often many spare minutes that we spend waiting for others or wasting time and by following some of these speed cleaning tips, we can work smarter, rather than harder.

Cleaning experts know that in many cases simple, inexpensive solutions work the best. Here are a few tips that the experts all know but would rather you not find out! Save yourself headaches and cash by utilizing these easy, cost-cutting tips:

Window Cleaning -
The best way to clean windows costs next to nothing and will have crystal clear results. All you need is vinegar and newspaper! You can mix water and vinegar in proportions of 1:1 or weaker as the job requires. Add a little dishwashing liquid if windows are very dirty. Use newspaper to wipe clean, it's much more inexpensive than paper towels and does a better job.

Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Blood Stains -
For dried blood stains on fabric, sprinkle meat tenderizer on the stain and moisten with cold water. Let stand for half an hour, then use a moist sponge to remove the stain. A paste of baking soda mixed with a little water will remove fresh blood stains. Hydrogen peroxide is also effective for removing blood stains.

Furniture Care -
For removing old furniture polish, use a 1:1 mix of vinegar and water. Apply gently with a soft cloth and wipe dry with a clean cloth. Mix olive oil and lemon juice to make your furniture polish. Be sure to polish your furniture at least twice a year to protect it and keep its keep it's luster.

Toilet Cleaning -
To get rid of those tough, hard water stains at the bottom of your toilet, the trick is to drain all the water out of the toilet. Turn the water supply off to your toilet and flush until all the water is gone. Use a non-toxic citrus cleaner or white vinegar to soak paper towels and line the stained areas with the towels making sure all the affected areas are in contact with the towels. Let the stains soak for a few hours adding more cleaner or vinegar when the towels start to dry. After soaking, use a toilet brush to remove the stains.

Carpet Cleaning -
Ammonia is one of the best carpet cleaning agents. Mix 2 tablespoons of ammonia with one cup of water and apply to stain with a clean rag. A few teaspoons of vinegar in a cup of water works well, too.

Sometimes, though, you may need professional cleaning services for those jobs that are too big or ones you are just too busy to handle on your own. Fortunately the experts are available at one of the many reputable cleaning services London offers. Contact one in your neighborhood the next time you need expert home cleaning assistance.

Hiring a cleaning crew is an essential part of the de-cluttering process. The experts do make inquiries, take quotes from the nearby cleaning companies and sign a contract. One of the most important office cleaning tips you can get is to list your requirements- make an exhaustive inventory of the services you want from the company and ensure that the tasks are done as agreed. Cleaning your desk and archiving files is not enough. Someone needs to clean the restrooms, take out the trash, wash the windows and do the vacuuming. That is why you need to hire a professional services company.

Depending on the facilities you need, you can employ a cleaning crew. These companies usually quote rates by the area to be cleaned and the quality of cleaning arts. You must do adequate research to get a good deal for your money.




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