x Can PR Work As Part Time Maid In Singapore?

Can PR Work As Part Time Maid In Singapore?

Is the question whether PR can work as part time maid in Singapore disturbing you? The answer is yes they can work as part time maids provided their welfare is being taken care of .They need to be covered under an insurance cover that takes care of their needs. They also need to get paid CPF by cleaning companies like the Singapore Part Time maid .There are several companies that employ maids in Singapore who they end up assigning duties in different households on specific days and time of the week. The maids are given a permit to work under one company. During the maids` assignment they need to provide the permit for them to be allowed into different homes where they have been assigned.

Can PR work as Part Time MAid

How can a part time maid enter the client’s house to offer services?

For a part time maid to enter into a client's house for the purpose of offering services, the maid needs to be licensed under the laws of Singapore where she is given a permit by a specific company .Besides this ,the home owner has to inform the maid services offering company that in a specific time of the day he needs a maid to be on duty in his house .In case the client needs more maids to be availed in his home for services the home owner has to communicate in advance with the specific company to avoid confusion .This is necessary because sometimes the gate keepers in various homes can deny the maids from entering the homes by mistaking them as intruders in case they have not been fully informed and with specific details from the company.

Why need an insurance cover as a part time maid in Singapore?

The insurance is very vital for maids working as part time maids in Singapore. This is mainly because the maids may be caught in mishap during their duties. Remember the house cleaning job exposes the cleaners to the use of various house cleaning equipments such those that use electricity. These equipments can get electric fault and injure the maid when on duty. To protect the maids against further inconveniences the maids has to be insured. Insurance to maids is very important to protect them against any accidents and anything that may happen unexpectedly. It is also a requirement under (WICA) which is an act of law in Singapore that governs the domestic workers in Singapore for them to be under an insurance cover during their duties.

How is payment to part time maids made in Singapore?

In Singapore when you work as a part time maid you are mostly employed by a company that is licensed under the domestic workers laws. The law requires the companies to employ the maids and they will be required to pay the maids at the end of the month. The company gets its money for paying the home workers from the clients whom it has employed the maids on behalf. The company will always avail invoices to various homes under which it has assigned maids during the entire period of the month. The clients are presented invoices according to the hours and number of maids who have worked in their homes.
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