Benefits of Contract Cleaning

Contract Cleaning Services

How do you choose which company to use when you are deciding if to engage contract cleaning services or getting a maid is a better choice? There are pros and cons in each choice and what is the determining factor for your choice?

When you have a contract of cleaning services, you get to enjoy a standard flat rate for the job and there are discounts as it is taken on, on a regular basis. You do not need to worry about the integrity of the cleaners as they are personally screened through and well-trained to enable them to be able to handle the tasks.

You can choose to have regular chores like sweeping and mopping, washing, ironing, hang and fold laundry. Compared to having a maid, the place is also kept clean regularly and you have the freedom of more privacy at home. There will be lesser junks to dispose too when it comes to spring cleaning time and you do not need to worry about hidden costs. For example: paying for maid’s clothing, food, levy and etc. You do not need to worry about managing the cleaners as they will be gone as soon as the tasks are completed. Hazards maid may bring forth like bringing personal guests home while you are away at work of course will not happen when you are using contract services.

If your maid is sick, she needs to see a doctor, which will incur additional costs on your end and her rest day means there is no one else to take over her duties. Unlike having a cleaning contract, we have a pool of cleaners on hand. Therefore if one person is away, be it MC or holiday, the job will still be covered.

In between the waiting period for a arrival of a maid or in the event your maid is gone for home leave for 2 weeks and if it happens while you are rushing for your work to be completed on time, at least you can rely on the one who has been doing a great job for you all these while to settle the tasks at home so you can focus on your work.

Compared to consumers who will choose to engage cleaning services only when it comes to spring cleaning time only, those who already have an existing contract of course do not need to worry about exorbitant rates being quoted or not being able to engage help at all at the very last minute. It is advisable to keep all valuables locked and out of sight.

We hope the above had been informative and remember, a clean home means a healthy family.



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