Baking Soda Use For Home Cleaning

Home cleaning is one of the inescapable activities and expenses each homeowner has to incur. Actually, it is not much of an expense but a necessity required to keep a safe healthy surrounding. For this reason, there are several different home cleaning products in the market ranging from equipment to supplies.

 When it comes to cleaning the home, supplies are the commonly felt expenses since equipment can be reused for a long time before you need a replacement. Cleaning supplies like detergents, soaps and disinfectants are popularly used in home cleaning but have many concerns impacting health and environmental safety. Fortunately, there are often other substitutes homeowners can use to deliver sparkling surroundings without worrying about the corrosive nature of cleaning solutions. Baking soda for instance has been suggested for cleaning and produces amazing results.


Is baking soda effective?

Understanding how cleaning agents work should not be a daunting process. It is quite simple. Most cleaning agents are bleaches, emulsifiers or humidifiers and basically separate the dirt and grime for the fabric/surface. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is an alkaline which enhances solubility of various compounds and forms of dirt including rust, tea and coffee stains among others. Baking soda has become the new miracle cleaner suggested for various home uses that range from cleaning bathroom areas to laundry. Its results are obvious and straightforward. It is a softener that makes cleaning easier and quicker. It also dissolves different dirt forms resulting in sparkling clean surfaces.

What places can I clean with baking soda?

Although baking soda is effective in producing a bright clean sparkle, it is not safe for every surface. For instance, using baking soda to clean aluminum dishes and cooking pans is strongly discouraged.

Aluminum is usually a very reactive element and it is only safely protected by a thin oxide. However, this oxide readily dissolves in strong alkaline solutions like baking soda in the warm dishwasher water. Apart from aluminum surfaces, you are free to use baking soda in several home cleaning activities as follows

Stainless steel kitchen -
sprinkling some baking soda on the stainless steel kitchen before you begin moisturizing and scrubbing can help you remove all the grime and dirt that stuck on the surface. Baking soda acts as a softener that gets between the seams and makes it easy to scrub or swipe away dirt from the steel. You can use a cleaning brush with baking soda paste to focus on tough stains.

Bathroom cleansing -
adding a cup baking soda to soap water and vinegar is one sure way to form a powerful bathroom cleanser that will keep away bacteria and germs. Use the solution to damp your sponges when finishing the bathroom tiles and surfaces. You can also use the same solution when drying with a wet mop. Once you are done mopping, simply squirt some of the cleansing solution all over the surface then wipe it off.


White and bright color laundry -
although adding baking soda to laundry often sounds cliché, it is still very helpful. It actually gives you whiter whites and brighter colors while removing tea and coffee stains as well as odor. When you add baking soda to your cleaning solutions, you only require half the amount of bleach you usually use.

Fridge refreshing -
although vinegar is popularly suggested for cleansing the refrigerator and it does an excellent job, baking soda is often recommended for refreshing. It removes stains on the grilles and wipes away any bad odor of food, ferments and other smells. You can add vinegar as a finishing.

There are many other places you can clean using baking soda especially the surfaces that are naturally bright and white.

Are there any side effects?

As aforementioned, most home cleaning agents have different concerns due to the corrosive nature of chemicals used in manufacturing them. Some cleaning agents can cause irritations on the skin, eyes, throat and nose or spark respiratory problems while others simply damage the surfaces they touch and kill life in the surroundings they are poured. It is therefore important to identify all the possible side effects of using any cleaning agent whether natural or chemically manufactured. So does baking soda have a few side effects? Off course, just like any other cleaning agent, baking soda can be a nuisance if you do not know how to use it. It is an alkaline that acts as bleach and can therefore lead to quicker tarnishing and fading of colored fabrics and surfaces. Although the white will seem whiter in the first few cleaning results, scrubbing under the exposure of baking soda causes more corrosion and the surface depreciates faster. You should never use baking soda on aluminum or other surfaces that are protected by thin oxides that dissolve in warm alkaline solutions.


The benefits of baking soda for cleaning

The advantages of cleaning using baking soda are crystal clear and can be expressed by numerous adverts and testimonials from users. Baking soda is the new miracle home cleaning agent that delivers exactly what you want. Firstly, it is a softener that makes cleaning easier as dirt and grime particles effortlessly glide off the surface and fabrics. It is also a weak form of bleach that eats away colored stains of milk, coffee and tea. Baking soda is cheaply available in a shop next to you and makes your clothes brighter. It also kills many germs and bacteria that reside within your home. Lastly, baking soda has several applications as illustrated above and offers an ideal cleaning agent for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry and appliances among others. It has been used in home bakery and has no health risk from exposure. Essentially, there is not much reason not to exploit all the benefits of using baking soda in home cleaning. It is a cheap, efficient option.


When looking for baking soda for home cleaning, ensure you purchase credible reputable brands. There are different types of baking soda in the market including cheap quality that will not deliver desirable results. Always choose businesses that offer home cleaning solutions and products if you want genuine quality that will meet your requirements. It is also important to pay ken attention on the amount of baking soda you use in each home cleaning activity.





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