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Hated the word "Spring Cleaning"? Many Singaporeans will think that spring cleaning it meant a big clean-up for their houses especially during a festival season i.e. Chinese New Year, Hari Raya or Deepavali etc. It is a tedious and un-glam job but with no choice, you still have to do it. In this article, I will share with you some tips in helping you out a little to speed up your spring cleaning job.

What is spring cleaning? Basically, is to do a major clean-up in our house, to make our house more welcoming and clean for ourselves and our families to stay. In addition, it is a good time to clear up those unwanted clutters that had been stored in an area for ages.

Firstly, do out a spring cleaning list of what you need to accomplish. With a precise list of what you need to do will make you spend less time in walking around your house aimlessly doing partial cleaning. With a good focus that you would need to accomplish this area first then proceed another area, will make you complete the spring cleaning faster.

Making the spring cleaning list is simple. Just walk around each individual and see which particular item or areas that need your cleaning attention i.e. Motor Fans, sofa underneath, toilets etc. With a systematic list churned out, you will be able to room by room to accomplish those dirty areas with a breeze.

Secondly, use the correct cleaning materials for the right job. Does not use multi-purpose cleaning material as certain areas may not need that scrubbing attention when the direction on the cleaning material is to scrub thus you will end up wasting your time. What cleaning material should you then?

Simple, if to clean a bathroom, use a bathroom cleaning material.

Thirdly, although painting is not part of spring cleaning, but since is like a once a year event why not? If you had been staying in your house for many years and facing the same colour throughout the years, I would suggest get a new painting. If you need a light and breezy ambience in your house, go for light colour paint.

Lastly, to conclude, with the above tips, I believed you would be able to complete your spring cleaning tasks easier and faster. Also you may seek help from your family members to do the spring cleaning together. This will actually bond up your family and also with the help, you can finish the spring cleaning fast and you would not feel that you doing it alone.

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