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Singapore is well known as a Clean and Green city. A city that is clean will gave the impressions to people is a nice and serene environment to reside in. A clean house also would likewise give the same impressions. A house that is always clean gave the pleasant sign and good vibes to your physics and mind.

Doing house cleaning can be a tedious task especially for women that are concurrently working and taking care of the family. That is also the reason why people actually hire skilled house cleaners that can keep their house clean and tidy.

For those who are not able to engage a professional house cleaner, here are some small tips that you could follow:

1. Having ugly coffee stains on your clothing?
- Damp a clean piece of cloth into a whipped egg yolk and apply the damped cloth onto the stain, after which rinse with warm water.
- Take half a teaspoon of simple detergent in partial hot water and apply it on the stains, if the stains still remains, mix water with vinegar and rinse the clothe evenly.

2. Does your refrigerator have bad odour when open?
- Place a piece of cloth dipped with a little vanilla essence and placed in, this will kills of the odours.
- Always clean your fridge with lemon water that will clear those awful odours.

3. No Dishwasher?
- Simply just mix some bicarbonate and vinegar in warm water and mix it thoroughly, soak your dishes in that mixture for about 25 minutes. Those soak dishes can be clean easily with no tedious scrubbing.
- Always use white vinegar to clean your glasses to make them shine and sparkle. Do not wash your glasses with hot water, as certain glasses cannot withstand hot water and will break easily.
- Use lemon water to remove any egg residue on the glass dishes.
- Use tamarind water to remove any oily dishes, this will keep your dishes oil free.

4. Love red wine but hate those red wine stains on your clothes?
- Miracle as it can be, just use a clean cloth and drip a few white wines on that stains area, rub on it and the stain will vanished.
- Do not use vinegar on the red wine stains as it will spread the stains and make it darker and difficult to clean.

5. Cleaning your living room is as easy as ABC!
- Always the top to bottom rule when come to cleaning your house. Wipe, dust, and sweep your house from your ceiling to floor. This will prevent you from doing repetition of sweep your floor when those dirt and dust are cleared from the ceiling.
- Remember to protect yourself with a face mask to prevent inhaling of any dust.
- Gather all your cleaning materials at one area to prevent any unnecessary searching.

To summarise, you may wish to engage professional house cleaner to dust and clean your house for you if you do not want to engage yourself to do those tedious stuffs. Areas like roof or gutters you may not be able to clean it yourself, that is when a skilled house cleaner come in. Always engage your own family to participate in the house cleaning to foster bonding and also getting all the necessary help as possible.
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