9 Things To Do When Hiring A Part Time Maid

Hiring part time maid services saves you time so you can engage in more important activities like your job. It allows you enough time to be with your family. Compared to hiring a full-time maid, it's much cheaper. And you have the advantage of hiring them just when it's convenient, like when you are home so you can watch over them. These are the reasons why many people in Singapore opt to hire a part time maid.

Hiring A Part Time Maid

To make the whole process of hiring a part-time maid smooth, here are 9 tips.

1. Only hire from reputable companies

Companies with a good name will guarantee quality services. You can do an online search and see what others are saying about the different companies. Online reviews will usually give you an idea of what to expect from the cleaning companies. You can also ask around for information from friends and relatives. They are better placed to refer you to quality part-time maid service providers.

2. Have required supplies and equipment ready

Having everything ready before the maid arrives prevents unnecessary delays and frustrations. And because part time maids are hired on an hourly basis, delays would cost you in terms of the additional hours that would result from the delays. If you are not around, put them all in one place so that your part time maid doesn't arrive only to get stranded on how to start.

3. Keep away your valuable possessions and fragile items

Needless to say, it would be better to hide away things that are costly or mean a lot to you, for example jewels and precious works of art. Cash too, shouldn't be carelessly kept within sight. Remember you are dealing with a stranger whose character you don't know very well. Things that break easily such as electronics should also be kept away for the entire time the maid is going about their work. Return them to their positions yourself after the work is finished so that in the case of damage, you won't have to blame anyone.

Hiring A Part Time Maid

4. Supervise to offer guide on what to do

Hire the part time maid to work at a time when you are home. This would give you the opportunity to give directions on how and what you want them to do. It will familiarize them with your preferences so that the next time they come, they will know what is expected of them. If you are not available, you can leave a plan detailing what you need to be done and the way you need it done. A plan is useful when you want for, example, to avoid damages to things around your house or to avoid entry into private areas of your house

5. Shut rooms you don't want the maid to access

There are some rooms that you may feel are too private for entry by people who don't belong in the family. Instead of issuing blanket orders that the maid should not get into them, consider shutting them tight. This way you will be sure that they did not gain entry. They may be rooms where you keep your valuables or any other room special to the family. Sometimes your bedroom, although it depends on how you view it.

6. Give your rules to be observed

Sometimes, for your own security and that of your belongings, it would be necessary to spell out your rules to workers coming from outside, like part time maids For example, make it clear that the maid shouldn't leave your house or compound for the entire time they are working in your house. This is because you may not know what they take away during such in and out movements. This could lead to loss of items if what you have is a dishonest maid. Often, such rules can be found in the agreements you sign with the part time maid agencies. Take your time to read through, so you know what the maid is required to observe, and you too. If this isn't available, ask at the offices for clarification, and you will get it.

Hiring A Part Time Maid

7. Avoid being too much bossy

No worker likes an overbearing employer, one who orders around and is never satisfied. Ensure you are nice when giving orders. Be firm but not commanding. Remember you may want them to come to your home again. How you portray yourself will determine if they are going to agree to offer their maid services again. If their company requires you to give feedback about the services you got, be fair enough to give positive remarks. The maid will want to work for you again.

8. Ask them to come again

If you like the maids work, don't hesitate to tell them you want them to work for you again. It helps to have the same person working at your house. The person will be familiar with the house and how you want thongs done, and this ensures quality services. And you will no longer have to give a guide on what and how to do things. Also, once you learn to trust each other, your presence will no longer be necessary. You will be free to concentrate fully on your work or family.

9. Seek to sign a contract

If you like the services of your part-time maid or their company, consider signing a contract with them. A contract will ensure you don't change companies every so often and have to deal with strangers every so often. Contracts also offer discounts for the commitment you show by signing one. Which means reduced cost on your side. A contract may cone with added services too because you have become a long term client.

Part time maid services can be better than that of a resident maid. This is because a part-time maid works their best to finish work on time and also to do good work so you can hire them again. A part-time maid is better if you are the person who it comfortable having a maid around the house full time because you value privacy. Using the above tips, using part time maid services will be a great experience.




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