8 Useful Condo Cleaning Tips

8 Tips That Will Help You Keep Your Condo Clean

A condominium unit is a place, very comfortable where you can live with your relatives and family unit. In the recent past, the number of Singapore citizens who want to live in condominium units has risen. However, living in a condominium is made more comfortable if it is kept very clean. You will need to learn some of the most useful tips that will help you keep your condominium unit clean in case you live in or are planning to relocate to one. In order to prevent health problems likely to occur in the future, it is advisable you clean the unit regularly. Regular in this case can refer to cleaning it at least once in a week, but you can clean more than one time. This is a measure toward removing any impurity immediately. In the subsequent paragraphs, we are going to look at some of the simple tips that you can use to keep your condominium unit clean.

8 Useful Condo Cleaning Tips

1. Replace Your Bedcovers Regularly

Dirty bed sheets and bed covers accumulate impurities. These impurities can get harmful to the skin and general health. It is therefore important you replace your bed sheets and covers with clean ones regularly. Bed bugs come reside in dirty beddings. They also multiply very fast in such an environment. If you want to keep them off, your bedding should be ever clean. A good way to clean dirty bed sheets is by use of soap solution and warm water. If you do not replace the bed sheets on weekly basis, make sure you clean the ones you have at least once a week and dry them well before spreading them.

2. Vacuum Your Floor or Carpet

When you live in Singapore, is a common occurrence to find dust, dirt, pollen, pet fur and other forms of impurities on the floor or carpet or any other property. These dust particles and impurities are sources of allergy symptoms. They can become even more dangerous to asthmatic patients. Vacuuming your floor and carpet is a useful tip to use to effectively clean your condominium. Regular carpet and floor vacuuming is a sure way that you will not suffer effects of allergen pollutants.

3. Regularly Wipe The Window Units

A condominium unit may have several windows, which need regular cleaning. Apart from the health factor, clean windows make the place look neat and habitable. This level of neatness can only be achieved through regular wiping and frequent cleaning of the surrounding. The market today has several glass cleaning products, which you use with a soft cloth to wipe the glass. Regular cleaning also helps maintain the high quality your glasses possess.

4. Thoroughly Clean All Kitchen Items

The kitchen is a very important unit in the condominium. It is often easy to find dirty items piling in the kitchen due to its frequent use. Kitchen refuse rot very fast and emit odor that can easily cause stomach upsets and other health related problems. Dishes, spoons, plates, glasses and other regularly used utensil should be cleaned on regular basis. They should also be cleaned thoroughly if possible by use of warm water. Another sensitive area to clean in the kitchen is the fridge. Unwanted items should be removed and the fridge kept clean.

5. Wash the Family Clothes Regularly

Dirty clothes especially sweat soaked ones can cause serious health problems in a condominium unit. Some people think that if they have many clothes it saves them the task of washing regularly. Piling many dirty clothes can result in a foul smell in the condominium. In addition, they become stressful to clean at one especially if you do not have a cleaning machine. There are laundry service companies nowadays that you can compare and call an appropriate one in case you are the lazy to wash type. You will need to be careful when contracting a laundry service provide. Get the one with a good reputation. They will quickly help you clean your cloth pile.

6. Inspect the Air Conditioning Unit Regularly

The quality of air entering the condominium is very important when it comes to hygiene. Almost all condominiums in Singapore have an air condition unit. This unit needs to be cleaned regular and inspected by technicians, if not; the kind of air it will be releasing will be polluted and harmful to the condominium occupants. You can hire an air condition unit expert who will be inspecting the unit regularly to ensure it functions properly and the quality of air emitted is clean and pollution free.

7. Clean the Furniture in Your Living Room Occasionally

Furniture in the living room will remain in a fixed area mostly. Some are heavy to move making it hard to clean the areas around them. On occasions, you can choose to clean the whole furniture and the area it sits around so that your condominium unit remains purely clean. Sofas, chairs, the cabinet, tables and other items need cleaning so that insects do not get an opportunity to build and reside there. It may be harmful to human health.

8. Keep the Bathroom Clean

Dirty bathrooms are health hazards to the family. They cause the condominium to be stuffy and even abandoned soap on the floor can cause slip injuries. Cleaning the bathroom regularly (possibly after a bath) is a good way to keep the family protected. Nowadays, the market has cleaning detergents that are effective in removing stains and leaves behind a fresh smell. You can regularly use these products to clean your bathroom.

The above tips are easy to follow and if well scheduled, they are accomplishable. Your condominium will be one of the cleanest. However, of you do not time to do all this, it does not mean you ignore. You can hire professional condominium cleaners to do for you the job at affordable prices. Some companies even offer their house cleaner for part time as your full time condominium cleaner. Their services are professional and it is obvious that if you are too busy to clean your condominium maybe because you have a lot of office work, you can afford to hire one of the reputable cleaning service companies in your area in Singapore.

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