8 Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Bathroom Tiles

Tiles in your bathroom not only provide comfort and good looks to you bathroom, but it also make sure you do not get any injury in your bath. But if you want to have this kind of result, then proper cleaning of your bathroom tiles is very important. When people do the bathroom tiles cleaning, then most of the time they make a lot of mistakes and as a result of that they end up having so many issues in their bathroom.


If you don’t want make such mistakes then I would recommend you to avoid these mistakes in your bathroom tiles cleaning to have optimum and fantastic result in it.

Use of harsh chemical:
Use of harsh chemicals is one of the biggest mistakes that people do in their bathroom tiles cleaning. If you will use material such as acid or similar other material, then it can create various problems to your bathroom tiles. First of all it can dissolve the white cement that you may have files in your bathroom tiles. When you use the acid or any kind of other harsh chemical then it dissolve the cement and you get a leakage in your flooring. Also, if you will use this kind of harsh material for cleaning then it may have some kind of abbreviation on your tiles as well. And that won’t be a good thing in any ways.

Use of vacuum cleaner:
If you will use vacuum cleaner for cleaning of your bathroom tiles, then you may have a lot of issues in it. In your vacuum cleaner you can have metal beater bar in and then it may damage your flooring in a number of ways. Indeed, some vacuum cleaners are there that can help you in cleaning of your bathroom tiles, but not all the vacuum cleaners can do that for you. So, it is a wise idea that you do not make this mistake as well in your bathroom tiles cleaning.

Waiting longer to clean tiles:
Sometime people can have a tendency that they do not clean their bathroom tiles quickly. Many time people make some stain in their bathroom tiles, but instead of cleaning it instantly, they wait for a long time. They think they can do the cleaning at a later time which is not a good habit at all. Leaving your stain for longer time will only give more strength to the stain and that will affect the cleaning work as well. So, it is a wise idea that you do not make this mistake in any manner for better cleaning of your bathroom tiles.


Not using exhaust fan:
In order to clean your bathroom tiles in a good way, it is extremely important that you use exhaust fan after drying it. If you will not use it then it will not dry easily and you will have a lot of different kind of stains in your bathroom tiles. Many people make this while cleaning their bathroom and I will suggest you not to make this mistake in any condition in this particular work. The good thing about using exhaust is that you will be able to have really good result with really easy way.

Not cleaning corners:
Not cleaning corner is another big mistake that many people make while working for their bathroom tiles cleaning method. So, when you do this cleaning in your bathroom, then make sure you clean the corners as well. In order to clean those corners you can use a small brush that can reach to the corner areas easily. In some situation you may need to use a tooth brush as well. When you do this, then I would strongly recommend you not to make this mistake in any condition and you should clean your corners as well. That will not be a good

Using bleach for cleaning:
Use of bleach is another mistake that you do when you do the cleaning of bathroom tiles. If you will use bleach, then it may discolour your bathroom tiles and that will affect the overall look of your bathroom. So, you should not make this mistake as well while doing this cleaning work. As far as cleaning solutions are concerned, there are so many different kind of cleaning agents are there that are not only mild but that are very safe to use as well. If you will use those alternative options, then you will be able to get really good outcome as well.


Steam cleaning your tiles:
Steam cleaning is never good for bathroom tiles and you should not do that in any condition. However, many people do not agree with this opinion and they actually do the steam cleaning and they end up making damage in their bathroom tiles. If you will do the steam cleaning, then it may remove the sealing from your bathroom flooring. Also, it may affect your wooden furniture as well. So, experts always suggest you not to use the steam cleaning in your bathroom in any condition.

Scrubbing your tiles:
Scrubbing or gritting your bathroom tiles with hard flooring is never a good thing and experts recommend you not to do that. When you do the scrubbing and gritting of the flooring then you get a lot of problems or complications in it. That is a big mistake for people and you should never make this mistake in any condition. So, if you are planning to clean your bathroom, then make sure you do not use any kind of hard scrubbing material for same. If you actually want to scrub it, then you should use some soft options for that to have optimum result.

This is certain that if you will not make these mistakes while cleaning your bathroom tiles then you will be able to have a very a clean and good smelling bathroom for sure. Also, it will keep you away from a lot of complications as well and you will not have to worry about any kind of the issues as well in any manner.




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