7 Useful Tips On Basin Cleaning

Make no mistake. Wash basins are in constant demand and receive regular visits by members of the family and guests. As a result, they easily get stained or collect soap deposits, and all kinds of water spots will develop if you do not keep it clean. A good rule of thumb would be to clean your kitchen or bathroom basin after about 30 uses. Basin cleaning need to form part of your regular cleaning duties on a weekly basis.


Visitors to countries like Singapore are often blown away by the cleanliness of the country itself, and would expect to find a clean home, including wash basins and kitchen sinks. Besides, having a clean wash basin will not only adorn the way your bathroom look to outsiders, but it will ensure good health too.

Here are a couple of useful basin cleaning tips so you may impress your guests with a functional and clean wash up area whether it be in your bathroom or kitchen:

1) The most basic way would be to pour a cleaning solution onto the surface area of your basin. Let it stand for 3 to 5 minutes, before you scrub it clean with a brush or sponge by wearing a good pair of cleaning gloves to ensure your hands do not get in touch with the cleaning detergent.

2) Alternatively, you may simply squirt some dish-washing liquid into a bowl of lukewarm water, then dip your sponge into the mixture and scrub the area you want to clean gently. For a more thorough scrub, you can try a nonabrasive cleaner or all-purpose cleaning spray.

3) Do you have a porcelain basin in need of cleaning, but are worried about damaging the surface area? All you need to do is to line it with paper towels that are soaked with bleach. Then let it go to work for at least a half an hour before you discard them. Simply rinse the basin with running water and you have yourself a sparkling clean porcelain sink. In case you have a colored porcelain basin, you can always use a bit of baking soda, vinegar or mild liquid detergent to ensure you do not fade the color.


4) There are pretty useful ways to see to it that your kitchen basin is protected from stains or scratches you may want to try. One way is to lay down a perforated plastic mat at the bottom of your sink. Not only will it protect the surface of your basin, but your dishes will have a softer landing to prevent possible breakage. Talking about kitchen sinks. Do not let salad dressings, vinegar or fruit linger on porcelain based kitchen basins as it may results in stubborn stains due to acid build up.

5) What about basins made of acrylic-based material that are nonporous? These should be easy to clean and fairly stain-resistant, not so? Using a solid surface cleaner or soapy water might be all you need to keep it clean. Any stains can easily be rubbed out with a bit of baking soda or water that is mixed with toothpaste. Take care to make use of a nonabrasive scrubbing pad, and ensure you rinse the basin thoroughly once cleaned.

6) Another handy way to get rid of stains in your basin is with lemon juice. Make a paste consisting of the juice of half a lemon and one cup of borax powder. Dip your cleaning sponge in the mixture, then rub the surface and run water to get rid of the paste that still remains. This cleaning method is ideal for stainless steel, porcelain enamel, or any other surface.

7) You may find it hard to clean off the lime deposits on your bathroom faucets that accumulated over time due to mineral-rich hard water. Do not fret too much. These are usually easy to remove by making use of a secret ingredient in your pantry. We are of course referring to vinegar. All you need to do is to soak a paper towel in a bit of vinegar. Then wrap it around the area affected. Wait at least 10 minutes before you buff it dry using paper towelling. Watch out that you do not attempt doing this on colored or brass fixtures as it may discolour it.

Basin Cleaning

There are countless ways to get your basin sparkling clean and free from any germs. Nothing could be worse than letting your guests walk into your bathroom area to find the basin dirty or not the way you would like it to be.

We all lead very busy lives and do not always have time on our hands to ensure the basins in our home remain spotless. Some of the methods used to keep your basin hygienically clean may even backfire on you and result in a costly replacement at the most inconvenient time. That is the last thing you need. Wouldn't it be so much better to let an expert cleaning company in Singapore take care of all your house cleaning needs, including basin cleaning?

This way you can be sure that only the best cleaning solutions will be used for your basins. What is more, the cleaning staff is fully trained to make use of top of the range cleaning equipment and materials that will cause no harm to the environment. Your guests will walk in on a spotless area regardless of where it is. Whether it be your kitchen basins or bathroom basins.

After all, first impressions count and will leave your guests feeling welcomed and appreciated at all times. What may seem clean to you is not necessarily the case. Professional cleaners on the other hand take a different approach. Not only do they take pride in what they do, but they do their level best to get your smile of approval through using tried and tested cleaning methods for cleaning your basins or any other areas of your home. In no time at all, they will have your home sparkling clean and germ-free. The equipment they use would include high pressure washers that require very little effort to loosen stubborn dirt from basins, toilets and other areas.




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