7 Essential Tips On Mattress/Bed Cleaning

Our Top Tips For Mattress And Bed Cleaning

If you are after a top quality nights sleep then maintaining a clean and fresh bed is the key to help you happily drift off to sleep. Unfortunately a lot of us neglect our beds and take them for granted when it comes to maintaining their cleanliness and comfortableness. But we are firm believers that if you get into a good routine of cleaning your mattress and bedding on a regular basis then not only will your bed be a more inviting place but it will also be a lot better for you too.

Of course there are aspects of bed cleaning that we are all aware of, but there are also a variety of tips and tricks that can help prolong the life of your bed and mattress and we've picked out our favourites to keep them all in their best condition!

Dust and Allergens

If you are after a good nights sleep then one of the best ways to ensure this is by removing as many allergens and as much dust as possible. Beds tend to collect a lot of dust and gunk and as a result there will be a lot more dust mites than you'd care to think about playing on your bed. As we all know, dust mites are responsible for a lot of allergic reactions and if you find yourself waking up and feeling rough (and it's not because of the night before!) then chances are you will need to freshen up your sheets more regularly.

Spin and Flip It

You might clean your bed sheets on a regular basis but a lot of people neglect the mattress. One of the most underused tips is to rotate your mattress at the start of a new season, it is as simple as turning the head of the mattress around to where the foot of it usually is and by doing this you are reducing the risk of a wallow forming where you usually lie.

As for flipping the mattress, this is dependent on whether you have a regular or pillow-top mattress, a regular one can be flipped and this ensures that it wears more evenly than if you were to just leave it in the same position the whole time. This will improve the overall comfort of the mattress and ensure you don't have to buy a new one much sooner than you would like.

Regular Hot Washes

When it comes to washing bedding it is important to do it at a high temperature to ensure you are killing all the dust mites on them. Of course you should pay attention to manufacturer guidelines so you aren't left with shrunken sheets, but by giving your sheets a weekly clean you are ensuring a nicer and cleaner place to sleep. The same goes for washing your actual duvet! A lot of us neglect cleaning them at all and whilst it isn't necessary to clean them regularly, you should consider taking them to a cleaner around every 6 months or so.

Avoid Overfilling Your Washing Machine

There is a big temptation in a lot of us to throw everything we can into the washing machine in order to avoid having to do multiple washes but this really isn't a smart decision. By doing this you are reducing the amount of movement the bedding or clothes get and you restrict how well they can be cleaned. So if you are considering washing any substantial sheets, throws and your duvet then you might want to see how much your machine can handle and take the larger items to a drycleaners in order to get an effective wash. If you don't do this then you just run the risk of wetting your sheets as opposed to cleaning them.

Be Sure To Remove Stains

A lot of people make the mistake of throwing their stained sheets straight into the washing machine but often the high temperature of the water can actually seal a stain in! Therefore it is very important that if you want to remove a stain from your sheets that you treat it in advance! Find a good quality stain remover and allow it to soak into the affected area for the recommended amount of time (depending on the extent of the stain) before throwing it into the washing machine.


Once you've thrown the bedding in the washing machine it is then a good time to turn to the mattress. You shouldn't underestimate the importance of a vacuum when it comes to cleaning a bed. You can easily read horror stories about the amount of dust mites and leftovers that get onto a bed and therefore it is important to give your bed a good vacuuming every once in a while to remove any dirt and dust left behind. After all there is little point cleaning sheets to then put them immediately back onto a dirty mattress.

Air Your Mattress

As well as giving your mattress a good vacuum and clean, if at all possible it is always recommended to air it for a while outside. This doesn't have to be a regular occurrence as it can be a nuisance to move around but it is well worthwhile doing. Remember that whilst you may clean your sheets on the regular, the mattress never tends to get any breathing space! So on a nice day you should take the opportunity and allow it to air out a while.

Keep Pets Out

It might be nice to have your cat or dog sleep on your bed with you but these little guys can also be a breeding ground for bugs and mites. So if you are particularly affected by allergens then the bedroom might have to be a no-go zone for your pets. This is worth considering because if you get into a good routine of cleaning your bed sheets and mattress frequently then it can all be ruined within minutes if a dog or cat run in the room and start rolling around on the bed. It might look adorable and make for a good video but all your hard work will have gone to waste.
Bed is where you relax at home after you spent the day working outside. However, who would like to sleep on a dirty bed? It would be uncomfortable and even cause allergic reactions. This emphasizes the importance of bed cleaning for everyone.

If you have a mattress, it is crucial to know some mattress cleaning tips you can do at home to save your prized bed solution. These seven tips are recommended to keep your mattress clean and at its best quality all the time.

Tips On Mattress Bed Cleaning

#1 Vacuum Your Mattress

Vacuuming is the primary cleaning procedure for your mattress. In contrary to what other people say, using fluid cleaners on mattresses are not advisable according to mattress manufacturers. They soak the foam material, making it difficult to dry and clean more challenging.

Furthermore, experts cited that using fluid for bed cleaning will only ruin the mattress' quality. In the long run, people won't find their beds comfortable for sleeping and may not last long.

#2 Blot is the Keyword

There are instances when bed cleaning is more difficult due to spills or stubborn stains. You need to remember the term blot as you clean. Blot the spill to get as much fluid off the mattress before cleaning. Don't wipe the fluid off as it will only spread the stain.

Blotting is also essential if you will use cleaning products on the mattress. Blot the stain clean to avoid problems.

#3 Wash Mattress Covers

Mattress covers can also distribute stain and dust mites on the main mattress. It is important to wash mattress covers regularly for maintenance cleaning. Keep the cover clean, which is also helpful in your mattress cleaning procedures.

#4 Stay Away from Chemical-based Cleaners

As mentioned earlier, some tough dirt will require cleaners. However, you cannot used chemical-based cleaners. They are harmful to your mattress and cause quality deterioration. For tough stains, use baking soda paste or solution for bed cleaning. Baking soda is an odorless product with effective cleaning properties. It can remove stains while eliminating odor.

#5 Throw Extremely Old Mattress Covers

You probably want to save money as a consumer. Hence, you want to clean and restore everything as much as possible to their original state. Nevertheless, mattress cleaning also requires you to select and throw items that are beyond cleaning like mattress covers.

Extremely old mattress covers are difficult to clean and are infested with dust mites. Throw them instead of cleaning before dust mites spread all throughout the main mattress and pillows.

#6 Prevention is Always Recommended

Preventing dirt and dust mites from penetrating in foams makes mattress cleaning easier. Use mattress covers with quality foam materials and with known antibacterial properties. Find the best brands online and invest on the best covers.

#7 Get Help from the Pros

Bed cleaning can be easy or challenging depending on the amount of dirt and stains it collected. In these instances, it is best to contact a professional to do the cleaning for you. Singapore has a lot of mattress cleaning professionals who know specific techniques that clean your mattress effectively.

Follow these mattress cleaning tips and ensure your bed will last. It is comforting to wake up on a clean bed and consider it as a reward for your hard work.
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