6 Tips On How To Keep Your Office Clean

An office, whether at your workplace or business, is a very important room. It's where you spend the majority of your working hours and is also where clients, business partners and other people probably meet you. For this reason, it's vital that you keep it both clean and professional looking. Whether you handle the cleaning yourself or someone else does it for you, having a well-organized and clutter less office can give you a friendly, fresh and healthy working environment. And it doesn't have to be as daunting as it seems if you keep several things in mind!

6 Tips On How To Keep Your Office Clean

Tips on how to keep your office clean

1. Clear the clutter & disinfect
Nothing looks worse than a cluttered, disorganized office, and clutter is arguably the biggest obstacle when it comes to maintaining a clean office. You need to make sure that all the desks, counters, tables and all other workspaces are free of clutter. The only way you can keep an office less cluttered is to properly store your many documents.

One effective and increasingly popular solution to this is to digitalize the documents and store information in computers. This frees up huge physical space. If your company is yet to embrace this, then try to create a system for maintaining your physical files and do your best to use it.
Additionally, it's important to sanitize these spaces on a regular basis. Why? Some research shows that an office desk has 400 times more harmful bacteria than a normal toilet seat. Your desk should be disinfected each day. If you can clear the clutter and clean bacteria, you'll have a healthy and professional looking office!

2. Use garbage bins well
Emptying your office's garbage cans & recycling bins regularly is obviously important not just to prevent stinking but to give your office a clean look. You may want to consider designating specific bins for collecting food & drink leftovers and containers. Compared to other waste or clutter, food tends to rot really fast and might attract flies and gnats so you make sure you empty the bins every day. Other bins can be emptied as deemed necessary or when they start to fill.

3. Clean your computer
Keeping your computers and other electronics clean will ultimately improve the life, function and look of your office. Use a dry cloth to remove dust and dirt on the outside of the equipment regularly. If possible, have a professional clean the inside of the equipment once in a while. Remember that even if you can't see any dirt on your computer, it doesn't mean that there's none. Never use liquid to clean electronics.

4. Avoid eating at your desk
Another tip on how to keep your office clean is to avoid taking food or drinks while at the office. This can be very unhealthy as your desk is not as sterile as a normal environment for having meals should be! Even worse, it can have negative effects on your mental & physical health. Psychologists argue that people need a change of environment to refresh their mind, and a lunch break out of the office offers an opportunity for just that. When you have your lunch at the recommended area, you will keep both your desk and mind clear.

5. Find a way to keep the common areas clean
While keeping your own workspace is important, all the shared areas such as corridors should also be kept clean. However, this can be a little difficult especially where one does his or her own office cleaning. You need to delegate and come to an agreement that the common spaces are a shared responsibility. With clearly articulated rules and schedule, you will find it easy to keep these areas clean.

6. Hire the professionals
If you have a large office or a very busy schedule, you may consider hiring a cleaning company to do the cleaning and keep your workspace in great shape. There are actually many benefits you stand to benefit from this ─ the work will be completed within a short time, you will save time for other important activities and so on.

The advantages of having a clean office are many, from increasing employee morale and productivity to improving client perceptions. By following these tips, you will find it easy to maintain a clean, professional look of your workspace.


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