6 Things To Take Note When Hiring Part Time Maid

If you want to keep your home or office clean and tidy but do not want to hire a full time maid in Singapore then you can opt for part time maid as it can be a suitable and money saving options for you.

Hiring Part Time Maid

There are several benefits of hiring a part time maid as you can focus on more important things by hiring her. She also allows you to spend time more time with your family and friends spared from your household works. Moreover you will not have to arrange space for the residence of your maid if she is not hired for full time by you. You will be able to save much money as compared to hiring full time maid. But you should take note of several things when hiring a maid for part time as discussed hereunder.

Things to take note when hiring a maid for part time

Punctuality to work:
The part time maid you choose should be punctual to her work and make it sure that the work given to her will be done as per your need and satisfaction.

Multiple skilled:
She must be skilled in various types of house keeping works. She must be capable of improving the environment of her work place and your household.

Must have a valid ID proof and work permit:
While hiring a maid for part timein Singapore you must ask her to provide you a photocopy of her valid identification card and work permit. You should also note the contact number of the maid or maid providing company so that you can contact them when needed. The maid you hire even for part time must have legal work permit as you are inviting an unknown person into your home for regular work, so she must have some legal standing or contact a legal company to supply you a maid for part time.

Responsible performance:
You will have to explain your maid about her duties and responsibilities when she comes for the first time to your home for work. You should also observe her work performance to be sure of her capabilities as per your requirements and expectations. If you have hired the aid through a legal company then you can ask for her replacement if you are not satisfied from her performance.

Before handing over the keys of your home to your part time maid you should take care of your valuables and other properties as you are not sure about her nature at the beginning. Though you can rely on her later on with experience but still you can maintain your peace of mind by managing your valuable things appropriately. To be sure about the reliability of your maid you can contact with the supplier agency or the previous employers of the maid.

Last but not the least thing to be noted when hiring a part time maid in Singapore is her price. You are hiring her to save some money as compared to full time maid so her price should be reasonable comparatively.

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