5 Tips On Handling The Unhealthy Haze Level in Singapore

The Southeast Asia haze event was as a result of continued burning of land and forests from the slash and burn cultivation activities in Indonesia. The effect was so great that it was not only felt in Indonesia but also in Malaysia, Southern Thailand, Singapore, and Saipan. The effects could have also reached South Korea. The effects are associated with local sources of pollution which contributed to high toxicity levels especially in densely populated areas including oil refineries, and urban areas. The most affected location was such places as Klang Valley in Malaysia where the terrain retained the polluted area making the situation worse when the haze began.

Handling Unhealthy HAze Level

Handling the Unhealthy Haze Level in Singapore

There are numerous ways of handling and preventing the levels of haze in Singapore which include the following 5 ways.

Staying indoors and keeping the air clean.
During such kind of a condition, people are advised to avoid staying outside and maintain the windows closed as much as it would be possible. People are encouraged to maximum use air conditioners and other equipment that facilitate fresh air in the houses. This may include use of air filters in closed houses.

Everyone must avoid exposure.
This is the easiest way of dealing with haze. People should also avoid practicing in the open because aerobic exercises make people to breathe deeply which facilitate inhaling the pollutants deep into the lungs. People must also avoid smoking because smokes make the lungs sensitive to air pollutant effects.

Wearing of protective clothing such as mask.
The international organizations advice that the people that suffer from respiratory infections should take extra care. They recommend that the people should wear protective garment such as masks among others which will ensure that their situation is not aggravated by the pollutions. However, these masks must be changed when they get soiled or spoiled.
Alleviating the symptoms.

Another way to mitigate haze is ensuring that the symptoms of the condition are dealt with as soon as they arise. The condition is characterized by irritation of skin, eyes, nose, throat, and airways among others. It has the following as the most common signs and symptoms running nose, dry throat, sneezing, and coughing. The conditions can mitigate by coughing tablets and mixtures.

To treat the eyes, the following should be put into consideration.
Applying tear supplements such as saline will help in washing of the compounds of haze. The other solution that one can consider is changing of the diet he or she has been consuming. This should be done in cases of persistence of the haze condition. The nutrients that one changes to are the nutrients essential in protecting him or her against the pollutant's effects.

The nutrients that are essential for protecting against haze include vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. The foods that are rich in Vitamin A are carrots, mangoes, lever, and sweet potatoes. These are crucial in aiding in protection of the eyes and the lungs among others. Vitamin C and E work together in maintaining the health of the tissues and thus should be considered to be added in the diet. Finally, Selenium should be added in the diet. It is essential because it plays a role in activating certain enzymes essential in keeping the lungs in an elastic state. The foods rich in selenium are fish, and grains.
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